Regardless of our political leanings, what happened to Michael Flynn should concern every American. While we should insist on details about his case, a more important question needs to be answered:

How many other people have been treated similarly by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies?

Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general who served briefly as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, seemed destined for prison until his handling by the FBI and federal prosecutors was revealed. In essence, what happened is this: Unable to find a shred of evidence about accusations he endangered national security, the FBI cajoled him into lying to its agents, then charged him with that.

Further, he was threatened that if he did not plead guilty, the Justice Department would charge his son with crimes.

Attorney General William Barr wants the case dropped. A federal judge has balked at the recommendation and has it under consideration.

Of course, Flynn’s case has enormous political ramifications. But even more important is the strategy used against him. Again, the FBI was unable to find evidence the initial accusation was true. But someone in the agency — that will come out at some point — decided Flynn ought to go to prison anyway. So the agency used tricks to pull a lie out of him, then threats to get a guilty plea.

That is not how justice in this country is supposed to work.

Flynn’s case may not be unusual. Clearly, once the federal government decides to go after someone, it will find ways to nail its quarry.

How many times has that occurred? Who has been victimized? Why did the government decide to go to great — some would say unethical — lengths to convict them?

An investigation has been mounted into how the Flynn case was handled. It needs to be broadened and pursued with the same doggedness the FBI displayed with Flynn.

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Flynn lied. He admitted his guilt. Enough said. Period.

Doc Samson

Conveniently forgotten facts, inconvenient truths... what's your preference? Pretty clear case if you take the time to read anything outside of the DNC propaganda machine. But, then, that requires logic and rational thought...


Flynn: "Why did you make me lie to the FBI?"


Obama: “You can keep your doctor...” He knew that was a lie when he looked into the camera on national TV and spoke under the oath of Presidency to the highest authority in our Nation. The American people. Sadly, all politicians lie. But the proof is always in the pudding. Some lies rip our Country apart. Take for instance the attempted “Borking” of Thomas and Kavenaugh.

Bernie Mac

If you can't see the problem with the way that Comey's FBI went after Flynn, there just might be something wrong with you.

Jim McCarthy

Ah, the Star has returned to its usual inane editorial opinion. In regard to Flynn, the FBI did not jail him. That occurred following a trial. Recall that he was fired because the VP of the US said he lied to him. Y'all forgot to mention that Flynn based upon cooperation was not charged with several other crimes including failure to register as a foreign agent for Turkey. At best, there are questions about the procedure within the FBI for acquiring evidence. That is a long way from a judgment of guilt. Star, you have returned to quaffing the conspiracy Kool-Aid.

Spock Here

They have to satiate the cultists after all


Conveniently forgotten facts, Jim. Thank you for reminding.

Doc Samson

And y'all continue to demonstrate an unusually strong ability to ignore any facts that don't fit your narrative. At best? I mean, it's there for anyone to see but, somehow, y'all just... won't. Fascinating.

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