Athlete Spotlight: Clarke County girls' swimmer Kylie Prazinko

Athlete Spotlight: Clarke County girls' swimmer Kylie Prazinko

Clarke County High School 16-year-old junior

Sport: Girls' swimming. Events: Multiple

Parents: Mary and Richard Prazinko

Hometown: Berryville

What do you love about swimming?: I love the teamwork aspect and competitions. Everyone cheers each other on and congratulates one another, even if it was not their best events.

Most memorable moment in swimming: It was the first time swimming the 500 [-yard] freestyle. I was very nervous and felt like I wouldn't be able to make it 20 laps across the pool, but by the time I got out it was pretty easy.

Most embarrassing moment in swimming: It was when my goggles fell off swimming the 100 free. They fell off right at the start so I had to swim four laps with no goggles on.

Most difficult moment in swimming: I injured my ankle a couple of weeks ago and I had to wear a brace to keep from hurting it further, but I also wanted to continue to compete because we were halfway through the season at the time. It was like, 'I don't want to miss so many meets.' I competed anyway even though I knew my times were going to be slow and I wouldn't get many points for my team.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Stinna Kaastrup, she's a famous equestrian who rides without any legs. She was born with no legs. She's competed in FEI World Championships and has won some medals and things. I just think that's really inspiring; Musical artist Zoes Wees, she has great music and a great outlook on life, but she has a lot of childhood trauma; My aunt [Debbie], she died at 50 years old, so I never got to meet her. Everybody said she was a great person and was loved by everyone.

Biggest athletic influence: All of my family, not anyone specific. They all are active and athletic people, so they inspired me to find a sport of my own that I wanted to do.

Favorite teacher: Miss [Carol] Marshall. She inspired me to love swimming. She's actually my swim coach, but she also my biology teacher so she helped me choose a career path that I want to follow.

Favorite athlete: Katie Ledecky

Favorite sports team: Washington Capitals

Favorite movie: Any Disney movie

Favorite TV show: “The 100”

Favorite food: Ice cream (my favorite is strawberry), but any frozen desert

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Black licorice

Plans after high school: I know I want to do something within the medical field. I like the idea of seeing improvement in patients and knowing that was something I helped them with. I'm not too sure what kind of medical field yet, but that's something I'll have to think about and figure out in the future. I thinking about George Mason. I haven't applied or anything like that, but I've heard they have a great medical school program.

— Compiled by Walt Moody

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