Elliott Rivera Spotlight

Athlete Spotlight: Millbrook High School wrestler Elliott Rivera

Millbrook High School 16-year-old junior

Sport: Wrestling. Weight class: 106 pounds

Parents: Jorge and Kathleen Rivera

Hometown: Winchester

What do you love about wrestling: Wrestling has been really fun because of the people I’ve met through wrestling. It’s also fun to compete at the tournaments that last all day. You hang out with your friends and get to have a good time.

Most memorable moment in wrestling: It’s the tournament that’s hosted at Millbrook [Mayhem at Millbrook]. We set up for the tournament really early and we get to stay there until really late at night. It’s nice to have a whole day not thinking about anything except for one thing.

Most embarrassing moment in wrestling: It was in this two-day tournament. The first day, I won all of my matches. On the second day, I went 0-2 in the barbecue and got knocked out.

Most difficult moment in wrestling: You need a certain mentality to wrestle because wrestling beats you down. If you are not really prepared for it, you are like, ‘Man, this sport sucks. I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s not fun.’

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: My grandfather [Thomas] on my mother’s side. I never got to meet him because when I was born he had already passed away. I’d like the chance to meet him; Kanye West, he’s really big and has done lots in his lifetime I feel; Tony Stark, he’s the best Avenger. Over time, he grew more selfless and ended up sacrificing himself to save everyone. Plus, he’s a billionaire, genius and philanthropist.

Biggest athletic influence: My friend Kevin [Chavez]. He got me into wrestling because I heard he was doing it. It sounded like something cool I could do with him.

Who is your favorite teacher: Mr. [Nathanael] Griffis. He’s my AP English teacher. He’s really fun and his lessons aren’t that complicated or boring. They’re easy to understand.

Favorite sports team: Washington Football Team

Favorite movie: “Star Wars”

Favorite TV show: “The Mandalorian”

Favorite song: I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately. It’s probably “Pretty Boy” by Joji.

Favorite food: Homemade lasagna

Worst thing you’ve eaten: I hate pickled beets.

Plans after high school: I’m hoping to get accepted into a college, probably one of my choosing. I don’t really know anything about a major, yet. I’d like to have a career of helping others.

— Compiled by Walt Moody

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