Athlete Spotlight: Millbrook wrestler Seth Caballero

Athlete Spotlight: Millbrook wrestler Seth Caballero

Millbrook High School 17-year-old senior

Sport: Wrestling. Weight class: 160 pounds

Parents: Rafael Caballero and Beatrix Hayes

Hometown: Winchester

What do you love about wrestling?: I love wrestling because it teaches you a lot, like discipline. It helps with your mentality as well. It changes your mentality. When I first started wrestling, I wanted to give up all of the time and whatnot. Then I had people like Coach [Jeff] Holmes, he wanted me to keep pushing harder and harder and now I never want to stop. I just wanted to keep going.

Most memorable moment in wrestling: My sophomore year of wrestling, we have a traditional New Year’s Day of practice and it is a lot of running. On New Year’s eve my friends wanted me to come over and stay the night. They were being like super loud at 3 a.m. and so I got like one hour of sleep. I had to go to practice at like 7 a.m. As soon as I got there I was super tired, but as soon as I kept on running ... and it was like an hour straight ... I just kept pushing it through. All of the other kids were super tired and I was surprised because after that workout even with one hour of sleep I could not go to sleep. I tried taking a nap and I just couldn’t.

Most embarrassing moment in wrestling: There’s quite a bit of times where it’s been embarrassing. At the end a practice, we begin clapping because of the work we’ve accomplished and I give a speech sometimes to motivate people. Sometimes it makes no sense. So, I said, ‘Today has been the hardest practice and it’s only going to get harder.’ They started making fun of me for it, but I thought it was motivational. I try to talk sometimes and it just gets all rambled up.

Most difficult aspect in wrestling: It was pretty difficult a couple of weeks ago. I messed up my ankle trying to do a move in practice and it hasn’t been the same since. But, we had a tournament and it was very difficult for me. ... My ankle had too much pressure on it and I was trying to get out and it just wasn’t working. That was the most difficult part — I couldn’t do normal things. I got back in the next tournament and I did pretty well there, but sadly at that tournament I got a concussion. Now I’m working my way back and trying to get back into shape.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: I would like to have dinner with my grandfather and my grandmother. My grandfather passed away when I was in third grade and my grandma has Alzheimer’s. She’s in a nursing home in Virginia Beach so I don’t get to see her very often; One of my favorite artists is Lil Skies. He’s a pretty cool dude and he makes great music.

Biggest athletic influence: It would have to be my coach. With everything that has happened throughout the years, I’ve known Coach Holmes since I was in seventh grade when I went to one of his camps. Throughout all of the years, he kept pushing me and stuff. I kept on striving to get better and better. Without him in the sport, I don’t know how good I would be.

Favorite teachers: I have two — Miss [Lauren] Slezak and Miss [Kristin] Gilbert. They are really cool English teachers and are willing to talk about anything. When I was struggling early in the year, they were really willing to talk to me about it and they had open arms. It was a really secure place to talk to them.

Favorite athlete: Michael Jordan

Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys

Favorite movie: “Megamind”

Favorite TV show: “Stranger Things”

Favorite song: “Welcome to the Rodeo” by Lil Skies

Favorite food: Cheese pizza

Worst thing you’ve eaten: I think it was called Hamburger Helper. It made something like a lo mein. My parents made it and I will never eat that again.

Plans after high school: I don’t think I’m going to attend a big college. I’m might go to Lord Fairfax. I really want to go into electrician work because that workforce needs a lot of people right now and it’s a good paying job. I really like hands-on work. Whenever my dad needed help fixing something or putting something together I would always help him.

— Compiled by Walt Moody

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