Athlete Spotight: Sherando cheerleader Mia Boswell

Athlete Spotight: Sherando cheerleader Mia Boswell

Sherando High School 16-year-old junior

Sport: Cheer. Position: Base

Parents: Sheila Flanagan and Brian Boswell

Hometown: Stephens City

What do you love about cheer?: I mostly love the team aspect of it. I love being able to work with everyone and creating those bonds and friendships, but I also really like comp days when we finally get to show off everything we’ve worked hard for.

Most memorable moment in cheer: My most memorable moments are any time being able to bond with the team. We spend so much time together practicing. We become like a huge family.

Most embarrassing moment in cheer: We had to make a few modifications to our routine [this year] and mine was a jump into a side roll. It should have been super easy, but it took me so many times to get it. It was really embarrassing, but I eventually got it and now we just laugh about it.

Most difficult aspect in cheer: I would say the most difficult aspect — like there’s tons of them — is trying to keep your nerves down right before a comp because it’s a lot of pressure after all of the hours that we put into it and we only have around three minutes or less to prove to the judges everything we’ve worked hard for. It’s just a lot of pressure.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Definitely Luke Combs, he is my favorite singer; Adam Sandler, because by far he is the funniest actor and he is my favorite; the third one would be just anyone in my family. They’ve supported me so much in anything that I’ve wanted to do.

Biggest athletic influence: It would probably be Bethany Hamilton. She was the surfer who lost her arm while surfing from a shark attack. I felt like the way she pushed through an accident to help fuel her to achieve more success is very admiring and it proves anyone can overcome anything.

Favorite teacher: Mr. [Arthur] Sperry. I’ve had him for Latin 1 my sophomore year and Latin 2 my junior year. He’s very, very kind and he always looks out for all of his students’ success.

Favorite athlete: [Cheerleader] Gabriella Butler

Favorite sports team: Washington Football Team

Favorite movie: “Up”

Favorite TV show: “Friends”

Favorite song: “What You See Is What You Get” by Luke Combs

Favorite food: Sirloin steak

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Definitely sushi.

Plans after high school: I either want to go to WVU or JMU and I want to study for an elementary education major. I want to be an elementary school teacher because I really like working with younger kids and it seems like a career I would really enjoy.

— Compiled by Walt Moody

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