Michael Anthony Richards

WINCHESTER — An alleged night of drinking led to a vehicle crash in Berkeley County, West Virginia, and a robbery charge for a Winchester man, according to police.

Michael Anthony Richards, 44, is accused of robbing the Sheetz convenience store at 601 Millwood Ave. in Winchester about 4:50 a.m. Saturday. The clerk told police she refused to give a man with whom she was conducting a transaction the cash he demanded, according to Winchester Police Department Detective Jesse H. Thurman’s criminal complaint. When the clerk refused, she said the man reached behind his waistband as if he was carrying a pistol, then went behind the counter and took the register. He fled in a white Ford truck.

“It is common for weapons, particularly firearms, to be concealed in the waistband area,” Thurman wrote. “The furtive movement towards the area, during the commission of a robbery, would put a reasonable person in fear of great bodily harm.”

Surveillance video revealed the license plate of the truck, which belongs to Gary Stottlemyer, according to Thurman. Brent Stottlemyer, Gary Stottlemyer’s son, said he had the truck on Friday night and had been out drinking with Richards in Winchester.

The younger Stottlemyer said he passed out and woke up on the roadside in West Virginia early Saturday morning with no memory of what happened on Friday night. He was then called by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office and told the truck was totaled in a crash, with Richards driving the vehicle.

Thurman said he showed Brent Stottlemyer a surveillance photo of the robber and he immediately identified the man as Richards. “Brent said he was 100% certain,” Thurman wrote.

Richards, of the 500 block of Gray Avenue, was arrested on Monday and charged with robbery. He was being held without bond at the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center in Frederick County on Tuesday night.

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