Eli Sullivan, 8, of Virginia, is one of the top youth horseshoe pitchers. He is slated to compete in today’s 54th Annual Raymond Frye Memorial Horseshoe Tournament at Jim Barnett Park in Winchester.

Spectators are invited to come watch the 54th Annual Raymond Frye Memorial Horseshoe Tournament today at Jim Barnett Park in Winchester.

The event, which is sanctioned by the Virginia Horseshoe Association, starts at 10 a.m. The Winchester Horseshoe Club — sanctioned by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association— is the host.

"The more people the better," said Heath Shawn of Staunton, who helps with publicity for the Virginia Horseshoe Association. "We want to expose people to the sport. Horseshoes are a lot of fun. It's really a skill to pitch these iron horseshoes as far as they do."

The 54th Annual Raymond Frye Memorial Horseshoe Tournament is one of the longest-standing horseshoe tournaments in the U.S. It typically draws pitchers from the East Coast and the Midwest.

"We have had pitchers come from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, and New Hampshire. We have even had some from Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida and Wisconsin," a club news release said. "The Winchester Horseshoe Club was originally created by Raymond Frye. His family to this day continues to be huge sponsors of the club and the tournaments. The Winchester Horseshoe Club has had World Champions come in and play and has had many state tournament winners come and play in this tournament."

Entry fee is $20. Competitors must be members of the Virginia Horseshoe Association, according to Shawn.

Tamara Burke, from Inwood, West Virginia, has been one of the biggest competitors over the last few years, winning the tournament multiple times, the club release indicated. She has been West Virginia's Women’s Champion for many years and has been in the top 10 in the world for quite a few years.

Eli Sullivan, 8, of Virginia, one of the top cadet pitchers, is expected to compete in the tournament, Shawn noted.

The Winchester Horseshoe Club is home to two-time Junior Boys World Champion Branson Miller, who has competed in the tournament numerous times.

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