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Tina Kirby, who runs the Hello Gorgeous salon, gives a Salvation Army resident a haircut.

WINCHESTER — Tina Kirby, who operates Hello Gorgeous salon, brought her hair-styling talents to the local Salvation Army this week.

On Tuesday, she gave free haircuts to people staying at the shelter at 300 Fort Collier Road, and she plans to do it again soon.

Kirby said the idea came from a neighbor.

“Some of those people need haircuts,” she said. “They are trying to get jobs. I said absolutely. I’m cool, let’s do it.”

The Winchester Salvation Army, which helps about 15,000 people annually, operates a 48-bed emergency shelter, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily to those in need. It also offers financial assistance to help people pay utility bills.

Salvation Army Lt. Jared Martin said Kirby’s volunteerism helps families struggling with homelessness have a shot at getting back on their feet, especially when it comes to job interviews.

“...It meant a lot to them. A lot,” Kirby said. “One lady especially kept coming back to thank me, to tell me how much it meant to her.”

Kirby said she doesn’t consider the effort charity.

“I just think everybody should help each other,” she said. “It’s not a big deal, not to me. I don’t feel like I’m doing a lot. We should all be doing this in a different way, whatever way you can.”

Martin said he’s “grateful” for volunteers like Kirby.

“When our community comes together to help people in need, it helps me have faith in humanity,” he said. “When we come together we are able to help so many more people.”

With a federal eviction moratorium set to expire soon, Martin said he expects an influx of new shelter residents this summer. Right now, about 18 people are moving into the shelter and 18 are moving out each month. He said caseworkers have been able to help residents find housing and employment.

Martin said he welcomes people with different skills to help those staying at the shelter. Anyone wishing to volunteer should email

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Wonderful i guess but why does everyone's good deeds have to be plastered everywhere.why cant it just be between those people only?? Like will Smith buying fireworks for new Orleans why cant it be kept private??!!


Thank you, Tina Kirby. You must be a blessing to many people.


Once again and we cannot say it enough - good people out there doing good things everyday. Blessings.

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