The following poem by student Anne Larsen was included in the time capsule buried Friday morning at Handley High School in Winchester.

With spring comes new beginnings

And change that begs to sprout

From ground long undisturbed

By newness and by doubt.

From the ground up, we build our character

And shed them once we grow;

We shift and morph with changing skies

Unsure of where we'll go.

But this change boasts a condition,

A price, as all things do.

To change requires we challenge the conventional,

To alter the world we view.

Stagnation leaves us in the ground

That is soundless and retold.

To crack the earth that cages progress,

Be wild, be present, be bold.

When skins are shed we face the world;

Change won't thrive without noise.

So when the time comes to change

Shake the air with your voice.

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Literature for the ages.




What a beautiful poem that says so many things. I am not sure how this can be done, but somehow, this poem needs to be recognized in this country as an original piece of work. Great job to this young adult!!





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