WINCHESTER — Howard Sharp’s business card says he sells manure, whiskey, fly swatters and bongos. It also says he’s qualified to fight wars, start revolutions, run governments and organize orgies.

Reading the card, it isn’t hard to tell that the 77-year-old Sharp, of Frederick County, likes to have fun. What isn’t so apparent is that he likes to do good too.

But he does, so when he decided to get his long hair cut he wanted to give the locks to charity. His hair — 24 inches of it that he had been growing for more than 10 years — will be used to make wigs for cancer patients.

“Most guys my age don’t have any hair or it’s white,” said Sharp, a few days before his salon appointment at the Beauty Shack.

Sharp decided to cut his hair because he could no longer take care of it. Arthritis in his hands required he sport a cleaner cut.

Sharp wasn’t too upset over having to cut his hair. He’s had short hair before. He worked 27 years for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, working his way up to regional manager. He served as president of the Winchester Rotary Club in 1988.

But after he retired, he realized no one really cared about his hair.

“I would grow a beard and shave it off or grow a mustache and shave it off. But then I thought, ‘I don’t need to get a haircut,” he said. “I don’t have a senior vice president in Richmond telling me I need a haircut.’”

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