FRONT ROYAL — All employees at the Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail will receive $3,000 bonuses, the jail authority decided at its meeting this week.

The board unanimously approved the bonuses for all employees after the Finance and Personnel Committee recommended including non-sworn personnel in the action in a meeting just prior to the full board meeting.

The bonuses will cost $235,754 for all sworn personnel at the jail. The money comes from the state’s Compensation Board, which will pay for the bonuses through the spending plan approved by the General Assembly earlier this year using the $4.3 billion the state received from the federal American Rescue Plan Act.

An additional $71,060 of the jail’s funds will cover the bonuses for 22 non-sworn personnel, who were not included in the legislature's spending plan.

Jail Superintendent Russ Gilkison told the committee that non-sworn personnel include food service, medical and maintenance employees who are in direct contact with inmates.

“They have been just as much at risk as the officers have working in this setting,” Gilkison said. “Being a congregate facility, everybody has that same risk of exposure.”

The jail has a surplus of funds since it has been renting bed space to Culpeper and Page counties, Finance Manager Stephanie Smith told the committee.

The jail budgeted for a total of $1.7 million in bed rental revenue for the fiscal year and should be at $566,000 at this point, Smith said. But the revenues have come in at $893,000, leading to an extra $326,000, Smith said.

“It all goes back to these support positions, being here, doing their jobs to allow this to happen,” Gilkison said. “We have the money.”

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Another payout for doing their jobs and being paid to do it when others have no job and can't get any Covid relief money for them. They had jobs to earn money and now get rewarded for working when others laid off.and could not work.

Does not set well with me. Why help the people that have a job and earn money

when others are losing they homes and can't pay bills.

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