Ready for Winter

Although the temperature approached 70 degrees in Winchester on Monday, Caitlin Stacey, the assistant manager at the Regal Paint Center on Valley Avenue, is ready for winter with the snowman she created in the front window of the business using paint color chips. Snow showers are expected tonight or Wednesday morning.

Up to an inch of snow is expected tonight or Wednesday morning in the western parts of Frederick and Shenandoah counties.

Snow beginning late Tuesday and carrying into Wednesday could make roads slippery, said Kevin Witt, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sterling.

Though he said the snow should stick mainly to grassy areas, drivers could see slushy and icy conditions on the roads, he said.

“If they look wet, they could be icy,” he cautioned.

Though prepared for the storm, the Virginia Department of Transportation is waiting for updated information to be released Tuesday morning before deciding where and when to treat roads.

“We’ve been preparing for snow since the summer,” said Sandy Myers, communications manager for the Staunton District, which also covers the Northern Shenandoah Valley.

Planning for winter road treatment is a year-round effort, she said.

The department did dry runs in late summer and early fall and works with contractors to supplement VDOT staff throughout the winter season.

“Everything is ready to go,” she said. “But we really need to have an accurate forecast.”

Witt said Monday that his office was expecting an update on the weather later in the day.

Early estimates were saying temperatures might get into the low 40s during the day on Tuesday and drop into the high 20s overnight.

With precipitation likely, he said the cold air may be just enough for the snow to stick.

Most of the region should see only about half an inch of accumulation, though Witt said that mountainous areas could see up to 2 inches.

Winds on Tuesday should be mild, but Witt said they’ll increase a little overnight into Wednesday.

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