Athlete Spotlight: Handley cheerleader Chantal Romero

Handley cheerleader Chantal Romero

Handley High School 17-year-old senior

Sport: Cheer. Position: Flyer

Parent: Yesenia Romero

Hometown: Winchester

What do you love about cheer?: The adrenaline I get before performing, especially for a competition.

Most memorable moment in cheer: Our last competition of this season [the Class 4 Northwestern District Championships at James Wood]. My entire family was there, there were teachers from our school who came to watch us. We hit all of our stunts, and it was just really exciting.

Most embarrassing moment in cheer: In middle school, we were doing a halftime performance. I was in a stunt, and there was a fly, and it flew right past me. I had to swat it away from me during the performance. I’m not sure if anyone noticed.

Most difficult aspect in cheer: Trying to not physically show when I was upset. I try to be a perfectionist, especially when it comes to cheer. When a stunt doesn’t go how I want to, it shows in my face.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Selena Quintanilla; she’s a Mexican-American musician. All her songs are great. There’s a lot of upbeat ones but there’s a lot of romantic ones. Romeo Santos; he’s a singer. All of his songs tell a story. And my mom; I think it would be fun for her to hang out with people she’s listened to.

Biggest athletic influence: Ryan Cummings. (A renowned cheerleader who began with Cheer Extreme All-Stars.) She has so much energy when cheering and she’s extremely dedicated to her sport. When she was injured she continued to practice as much as she could.

Favorite teacher: Mrs. [Ileana] Escalante. I had her Spanish for about two years at Handley. She tries to connect with all of her students.

Favorite athlete: Ryan Cummings

Favorite sports team: C4 Bomb Squad cheerleading

Favorite movie: “Tangled”

Favorite song: “No Me Queda Más” by Selena

Favorite food: Korean barbecue

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Avocados

Plans after high school: Going to a four-year college and studying elementary education. I think I can make a difference as a teacher.

Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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