Athlete Spotlight: Handley softball player Sara Blowers

Handley softball player Sara Blowers

Handley High School 16-year-old junior

Sport: Softball. Positions: Pitcher and center field

Parents: Melissa and Chris Blowers

Hometown: Winchester

What do you love about softball: The connections you get and the support groups you gain throughout the years.

Most memorable moment in softball: I don’t have a specific moment, but playing away games and getting to really connect with people on the bus rides to those games is memorable.

Most embarrassing moment in softball: My freshman year, the day before an away game for the playoffs, during gym, I got hit with a frisbee. I was right in front of the person who threw it. I had to see the other team’s athletic trainer the next day. It was really embarrassing because everyone was wondering what I was doing going to their trainer before the game. I found out I had a concussion and I couldn’t play.

Most difficult moment in softball: I participated in fall ball last fall. It was the first season I had really pitched. I had pitching training, but I hadn’t really pitched to real hitters. That was really stressful.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: My great-grandpa Ryland; I haven’t seen him since quarantine, and he always tells the most extravagant stories. Dolly Parton; she’s always inspired me to always try my hardest and be myself. And Kendall Jenner; she seems like she’d be so much fun to hang out with. She’s my favorite model and reality star.

Biggest athletic influence: My older sister Robin (a 2017 Handley graduate); she got me into softball, and she’s always there to push me to be my best. She always supports me in any decision. She was also a pitcher, so I look up to her and go to her about techniques and for advice.

Who is your favorite teacher: Mr. [Jeffrey] Keller; he taught me in honors world history in ninth grade. He’s also the sponsor for Key Club. I’m in Key Club, and I’m always around him. He makes so many students laugh, and he’s always there for people when they need to have their spirits raised.

Favorite athlete: [Atlanta Braves shortstop] Dansby Swanson

Favorite sports team: Washington Nationals

Favorite movie: “Steel Magnolias”

Favorite TV show: “Gilmore Girls”

Favorite song: “Golden” by Harry Styles

Favorite food: Fried rice

Worst thing you’ve eaten: Goose eggs

Plans after high school: I plan to attend a four-year college with the intent to major in graphic design. I think my dream job is to become a layout designer for a high fashion magazine, so I think that’s the right path.

Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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