Athlete Spotlight: Mountain View Christian girls' basketball player Alyssa Kitts

Mountain View Christian girls’ basketball player Alyssa Kitts

Mountain View Christian Academy 18-year-old senior

Sport: Basketball. Position: Guard

Parents: Kenneth and Patricia Kitts

Hometown: Winchester

What do you love about basketball: It brings me out of my comfort zone. I’m very shy, so it makes me branch out.

Most memorable moment in basketball: Probably the last official basketball game I’ll ever play. (MVCA is not competing in winter sports this year due to COVID-19.) We went to the [National Association of Christian Athletes] tournament [in Dayton, Tenn.] before everything shut down. We were struggling in the tournament and lost our first three games, but we pulled out a win in the last game.

Most difficult moment in basketball: Stepping up and learning to be a captain. I became captain in my sophomore year. Learning that I have to be the general of the floor and not be scared to take the ball and make certain moves that need to be done.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: King Brown; he’s my favorite singer. Luke Combs; he’s another singer that I really enjoy. And Kaila Evick; she’s my best friend. She moved away to North Carolina two years ago, so I hardly get to see her.

Biggest athletic influence: Two coaches that I’ve previously played for, Eric Rogers and Dalice Payton. They both coached at Mountain View Christian Christian Academy. Eric Rogers coached me in middle school and in high school, and Dalice Payton coached me in high school. They’ve taught me basically everything about the game. They have a passion for the game, just like me.

Who’s your favorite teacher: Joy Presley. She teaches history [at MVCA], and she was also my fourth-grade teacher. She’s down-to-earth and loving. She’d do anything for anybody. She’s always there to help you.

Favorite movie: “Grown Ups”

Favorite TV show: “Chrisley Knows Best”

Favorite song: “Heaven” by King Brown

Favorite food: Sweet potatoes

Plans after high school: I want to apply to the surgical technologist program at Lord Fairfax Community College. I’m really drawn to the medical field and how the human body works. I like being able to assist people in becoming the best version of them, and knowing that I helped them.

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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