Athlete Spotlight: Shenandoah University field hockey player Natalie Fyock

Natalie Fyock

Shenandoah University 21-year-old senior

Sport: Field Hockey. Position: Forward 

Parents: Beth and Jack Fyock

Hometown: Ellicott City, Md. (Mt. Hebron High School). Major: History

What do you love about field hockey: The intensity of the sport. I love how each game is met with this high level of play. 

Most memorable moment in field hockey: Last year was my junior year at Shenandoah, and I was lucky enough to work my butt off over the summer and get a starting spot. Our game over at York College was probably one of the most intense games I've ever played. It was pouring down rain the entire game. It was cold, it was wet. It was such a competitive environment, and our team just really broke down and got together and won the game. (Trailing 1-0, Shenandoah scored twice in the last five minutes to win 2-1.) We never gave up. There was not one point in that game where our team said, 'Oh no, we're in trouble.' We said, 'No, this is our game. We're going to win it.' And we did. 

Most embarrassing moment in field hockey: Every game when I fall. I fall at least once a game. I'll be running down the field, the ball's not even around me, and I'll trip on my own two feet and just fall. [My teammates] will be like, 'Natalie, why are you on the ground?' I'm like, 'I don't know. It just kinda happened.'

Most difficult moment in field hockey: Freshman year, coming in here, I tore my ACL first day of preseason. I was out for the rest of the year. It wasn't the greatest start to college. I overcame it my sophomore year and played through the feeling of a totally different me. Junior year I pushed myself and I got my starting spot. 

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Jane Seymour; she's my role model. She's an actress who was on 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,' which is my favorite show. [Actor] Channing Tatum, because he's beautiful. And President Theodore Roosevelt. Just for fun. I'm a history major, so I have to throw one president in there. 

Guilty pleasure: I love watching documentaries on Netflix, usually something related to World War II or the Civil War. 

Favorite teacher or professor: In high school, Mrs. Leigh Myles was my math teacher and also my assistant field hockey coach. Each class we went to it was fun, it was entertaining. We were learning calculus, but she also taught life skills and how to become a well-rounded individual. I'm still in contact with her today. She's awesome. 

Favorite athlete: Lionel Messi

Favorite team: Washington Capitals

Favorite movie: “Pirates of the Caribbean"

Favorite TV show: "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"

Favorite song: "I Don't Dance" by Lee Brice 

Favorite food: Ice cream

Plans after college: My plan right now is to go to law school and do sports law and hopefully get involved in being an agent for professional athletes. I just always want to stay around athletes, because I like the way they think and they work. I just feel like being a part of a legal system that can help athletes participate in more professional leagues would be incredible, especially professional woman athletes. There's not a professional leagues around for them. Just being a part of that and getting that advertised more, and getting females the respect they deserve as an athlete.

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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