Athlete Spotlight: Shenandoah golfer Blake Woodie

Shenandoah University golfer Blake Woodie

Shenandoah University 20-year-old junior

Sport: Golf 

Parents: Jennifer and Trever Woodie

Hometown: Las Vegas (Coronado High School). Major: Sports management  

What do you love about golf: That it's a game that you can never be perfect at. You always have to work to get better.

Most memorable moment in golf: Playing for my high school at the state tournament for three years. Our high school team has won state six of the last 10 years and has a lot of great, D-I players. We won state my junior year. We had one senior on that team that was a really good gatherer of emotions, and we really fed off each other. 

Most embarrassing moment in golf: My first college tournament, I topped [a ball] off the first tee at Winchester Country Club about 30 yards. It was really embarrassing. My coach just looked at me and laughed at me. 

Most difficult moment in golf: I had a chance this past semester to win our own tournament. I played really well the first day (tying for the lead with a 71 at Winchester Country Club), and the second day I didn't play very well (shooting a 78) and lost by [six] strokes. It was just a hard thing to overcome. That showed me I was capable [of winning a college tournament], but at the same time I failed myself by not finishing things off. Ever since then it's been a weight on my shoulders, because I knew I could win.   

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Butch Harmon; he's one of the world's best golf coaches, and I met him once. His knowledge of golf is incredible. One of his former students, Tiger Woods; he's one of the best athletes in the world. His mental capability is just insane — what he does, how he wins, and how he overcomes things in his life. And Brooks Koepka; he's just an animal. He's won major championships multiple times and doesn't mess around. He's the face of golf right now, and that's a cool thing to me.

Guilty pleasure: Cookie dough. I try to limit it, but it doesn't work. It's maybe once every two weeks I have it.     

Favorite teacher or professor: [Coronado's] Mr. Lewis. He was a CADD [Computer-Aided Design and Drafting] teacher at my high school. I took it for four years. he was someone I looked up to. He kind of guided me through high school when things got hard for me. Whether it be sports or school, he was always there to help me out.  

Favorite athlete: Brooks Koepka

Favorite team: Vegas Golden Knights

Favorite movie: "Talladega Knights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"

Favorite TV show: "Cops"

Favorite song: "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin

Favorite food: Sushi

Plans after college: I'd like to go into something in the world of golf, whether it be the USGA or working for the PGA or the Korn Ferry Tour, which is a feeder tour for the PGA. I want to do something in the golf industry that's management-related. 

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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