Jordan Sondrol

Athlete Spotlight: Shenandoah University women's basketball player Jordan Sondrol

Shenandoah University 21-year-old senior

Sport: Basketball. Position: Forward  

Parents: Mark and Ileta

Hometown: Waynesboro (Wilson Memorial High School). Major: University studies   

What do you love about basketball: Definitely the life lessons that it teaches you, on and off the court.  

Most memorable moment in basketball: Winning the ODAC Tournament last year. The friendships that I built with my teammates and then accomplishing [that championship] was the biggest thing that made the moment great.   

Most embarrassing moment in basketball: My freshman year I was going up for a layup, and I thought it was a wide-open layup. A defender came across and I thought to myself, 'Ok, I'm going to do a spin move.' I went to go spin and I jumped in the air and there was nobody to pass the ball to, so I had to shoot it. But I shot it in the opposite direction of the basket. The whole crowd at the same time went, 'Oooh.' I just put my head down and I ran back down the court.     

Most difficult moment in basketball: I think last year was probably the most challenging for me mentally, just because my confidence was down. I just had to work through some things. I wasn't performing the way that I wanted to. I think towards the end when we were down some people, I think a lot of the people on the team stepped up, and I had to put all of my emotions aside and just play.     

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Pat Summitt; she was my favorite basketball coach ever since I was little. Just the impact she's had on the sport in general. I always thought when I was little I was going to play for her. Tim Tebow; I recently read one of his books, and I just like the way he inspires people even though he got cut from teams. The way that he approaches adversity really inspires me. And Ellen DeGeneres; I love everything about her and pretty much everything she stands for. 

Your guilty pleasure: I really love to craft. People think I'm a super-old person because I like to cross stitch and do weird things like that. I like to do crafts for people. Being a future teacher, I like putting things together for the pleasure of others.     

Favorite teacher or professor:  Dr. [Jennifer] LaBombard-Daniels. She is an education professor here at Shenandoah. She connects with [students] so well on a personal level. She always comes up with new ways to teach us how to teach. She's kind of a leader in the classroom by example.

Favorite athlete: Candace Parker

Favorite TV show: "The Vampire Diaries"

Favorite song: "Anything Like Me" by Brad Paisley

Favorite food: Grilled chicken

Plans after college: I want to initially find a job preferably in kindergarten or first grade and then I want to go to grad school and get my Master's. I love teaching because I feel like it can be applied to every situation. I love working with little kids, and I also love coaching. I feel like teaching applies to my strengths, which are my personality and my skill set. And I love to inspire others. 

Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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