Athlete Spotlight: Sherando cheerleader Hailey LaFever

Sherando cheerleader Hailey LaFever

Sherando High School 17-year-old senior

Sport: Cheerleading. Position: Flyer

Parents: Nicki and Chris LaFever

Hometown: Stephens City

What do you love about cheerleading?: The friendships. Most of my best friends are from cheer.

Most memorable moment in cheerleading: We got to regionals this year, so that was pretty good. (The Warriors placed third in the Class 4 Northwestern District to qualify for the Region 4C competition.) Our senior class, we have a really close bond. In past years, the seniors haven’t always been very close, but we’re tightly knit.

Most embarrassing moment in cheerleading: At the pep rally this year, I got dropped three times. Everyone was asking me if I was OK afterwards, so that was kind of sad. I was all good, though.

Most difficult moment in cheerleading: I had to do a double toe tuck this year, and it was kind of challenging for me. It’s hard to connect the skills. But it worked out.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: I really like “The Office,” so probably Michael Scott and Dwight. And I also like “Zootopia” a lot, so Judy, the little bunny [from the movie] would be the other. I just like them because they’re funny characters.

Biggest athletic influence: One of my coaches for [my former] all-star cheer [team] Tidal Wave Athletics (in Frederick County), Sam Facemire. She was really good at getting the attention of our team and getting everyone to work together.

Favorite teacher: One of my [Sherando] coaches, (Carly Marchelewski). We just call her Ms. M. She teaches fashion marketing, and I’m a student aide for her this year. She will help me with any school work, anything I need, and it’s really helpful, especially when I have hard classes.

Favorite movie: “Zootopia”

Favorite TV show: “The Office”

Favorite food: Buffalo chicken sandwiches

Worst thing you’ve eaten: There was this lemon cake that I had a few years ago, and it was really gross. I don’t know why.

Plans after high school: I’m hoping to go to either VCU or George Mason. I’m interested in social work. My family does foster care, so that really inspired me to learn more about it. I want to be a foster care social worker. I feel like I know the system pretty well from being in a foster family.

Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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