Athlete Spotlight: Sherando volleyball player Ashley Brown

Ashley Brown

Sherando High School 17-year-old senior

Sport: Volleyball. Position: Setter

Parents: Kevin and Rosalina Brown

Hometown: Stephens City

What do you love about volleyball: I love that it's a team sport. You need your team to work together in order to win games. It makes you feel closer to your team.  

Most memorable moment in volleyball: It's when we lost to James Wood [last year] actually. (Down 2-1 in sets, Sherando won the fourth set, then had two match points at 14-12 after a 4-0 run. The Colonels finally won the fifth set 18-16.)  Even though we lost, it was one of the days we knew we did our best, and we played our best. We came together as a team and almost won. 

Most embarrassing moment in volleyball: Last year at a Kettle Run game, I served under the net when it's supposed to go over the net. I could hear the parents in the audience go, 'Oooh.' And my own parents were there, so it was really embarrassing. But I got over it. 

Most difficult moment in volleyball: This year I have a full-time job as a certified nurse aide and a part-time job as a lifeguard, plus volleyball, so it's been hard to come to practices and kind of be a leader for the team still and keep my mood up and help the younger ones out.  

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: [Artist] Bob Ross; I watch his videos a lot. It's kind of what calms me down when I do homework after games and I don't have much time. I like to listen to his voice. My great-grandfather, who's my grandpa's dad; I've heard a lot of great things about him. He passed away before I knew him, and he just sounds like a good guy. And [volleyball teammate] Reagan Newhouse; her humor and personality really cheer me up before games. I really like hanging out with her. 

Guilty pleasure: I spend most of my free time painting when I have free time. I like to follow Bob Ross's paintings. I'll paint for maybe six hours on the weekend.  

Favorite teacher: My volleyball coach, Mr. [James] Minney. He's also an art teacher. I like him because he's very blunt. He tells you how it is. That kind of also inspires me on the court. I talk to him in person and in class. 

Favorite movie: “Interstellar"

Favorite TV show: “The Office"

Favorite song: “The Less I Know the Better" by Tame Impala

Favorite food: Pasta

Plans after high school: I'm not sure which college I want to go to yet, but I do know I want to become a physician's assistant. I want to work toward that degree after I get experience as a CNA. When I took a class to be a CNA, I discovered that I really liked helping the residents in the homes that we visited. 

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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