Athlete Spotlight: Sherando wrestler Saxton Garver

Sherando wrestler Saxton Garver

Sherando High School 18-year-old senior

Sport: Wrestling. Weight class: 195 pounds

Parents: Nanette and Lance Garver

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Ind. (moved to Stephens City 10 years ago)

What do you love about wrestling: I just love the individual aspect of it. The one-on-one competition, the fact that it's you against another dude. It's on you, whether you screw up or you do good. 

Most memorable moment in wrestling: I believe it was 10th-grade year when I won my first tournament (at the Big Red Invitational at Riverheads High School). I upset the No. 1 seed, so that was pretty cool. The momentum carried throughout the rest of the tournament. 

Most embarrassing moment in wrestling: One wrestling tournament last year, I had to wrestle in a singlet that was way too small, because that was what the managers gave me. The coaches were all laughing. It was a fun little joke. 

Most difficult moment in wrestling: I would say the whole mental aspect of it. Preparing for a match after a long practice, going home, eating right, making weight, just showing up with the right mindset every tournament and every match.

Three people you can have dinner with, dead or alive: Luke Combs; I like his music. [The Green Bay Packers'] Aaron Rodgers; he's my favorite QB of my favorite team. And [actor] Dwayne Johnson; I look up to him because he's a good guy who does a lot for the community. 

Biggest athletic influence: My older brothers (Skylar, 24, and Stone, 20) always pushed me to be the best I could be. Growing up, you're always competing and doing stuff. 

Who’s your favorite teacher: Kelly Rowland. She was my fourth-grade teacher at Armel [Elementary School]. She was just always one on one with you and connected with you. She was real fun to be around and made class real entertaining. 

Favorite athlete: [Packers wide receiver] Davante Adams

Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers

Favorite movie: "Why Him?"

Favorite TV show: “Outer Banks”

Favorite song: “Talkin' Tennessee" by Morgan Wallen

Favorite food: Bacon cheeseburger

Worst thing you’ve eaten: I drank a kale smoothie. It was pretty brutal. 

Plans after high school: I'd like to pursue carpentry, or maybe go to a trade school. I just like the aspect of building other people's houses and helping other people. I like how you start with nothing and you end up with a final result that you can be proud of. 

— Compiled by Robert Niedzwiecki

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