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The offices of Certified Professional Accountant Lisa T. McCoig at 33 W. Piccadilly Street in downtown Winchester. On Thursday, the Winchester Board of Architectural Review unanimously approved a request to demolish and replace the rear portion of the building.

WINCHESTER — Big changes are coming to a little building in the city’s downtown Historic District.

The Winchester Board of Architectural Review (BAR) on Thursday unanimously approved a request to demolish and replace the rear portion of a commercial structure at 33 W. Piccadilly St.

The two-story building, which is only about 11 feet wide, was built around 1880 as a single-family home. By 1897, the house had been converted into a butcher shop, and a one-room, single-story addition was added to the rear at about that same time.

Today, the addition includes the only bathroom for the entire building, which currently serves as the offices of Certified Professional Accountant Lisa T. McCoig.

Architect Kyle Hopkins of Four Square Architects in Winchester said employees at 33 West Piccadilly must step down into the rear addition, which tends to be colder than the original part of the structure. For that reason, he said, they call it “the polar plunge.”

Hopkins said McCoig, who owns the property, originally thought about renovating the rear addition to put in a larger, warmer bathroom.

“Because of how tight the site is back there, they’re recommending we remove it and replace it,” Hopkins told the BAR.

The board agreed to the demolition, and gave Hopkins the option of replacing it with a one- or two-story structure. The one-story structure would only include a new bathroom, while the two-story addition would include a bathroom on the first floor and an expansion of McCoig’s office on the second floor.

Hopkins said the final decision will come down to the project’s cost. If McCoig proceeds with the two-story addition, she would also install a new standing-seam metal roof on the entire building.

Hopkins is chairman of the BAR. After presenting information about the project, he recused himself from the final vote.

Attending Thursday afternoon’s Winchester Board of Architectural Review meeting were Chairman Kyle Hopkins, Vice Chairwoman Beth Elgin and members Kevin Walker, Patricia Jackson, Samar Jafri and Geraldine Kiefer. Board member Don Packard Jr. was absent.

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