BERRYVILLE — It may take a while for residents and businesses wanting more trash toters to get them.

Toters are what town officials call the large, plastic roll-out garbage containers. They are among matters being discussed as Town Manager Keith Dalton negotiates with a company seeking Berryville’s new garbage collection contract.

Waste Management and Republic Services, the town’s current solid waste collector, submitted bids for the contract after a request for proposals was issued earlier this year. Berryville Town Council members authorized Dalton to negotiate with the firm which they believe submitted the best proposal.

Dalton said he won’t name that company until the contract is finalized. He told the council’s Public Safety Committee on Wednesday that negotiations are going slower than he anticipated, largely due to other matters — such as ones pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic — having to take precedence.

The new contract is to take effect on Jan. 1. However, it may take until February for town customers to receive additional toters beyond standard numbers to be allocated, Dalton told the committee.

Plans call for single-family, detached homes to be issued one toter. If they want two, they must pay for the second.

Duplexes and townhomes are to be issued one toter per residential unit. They will not be able to pay for extras.

Commercial-type businesses (including restaurants) and institutions (schools, for instance), as well as apartment buildings with three or fewer units, within Berryville’s commercial zoning districts are to be able to receive curbside garbage collection. They are to be issued one toter, but they can pay for up to three more.

Curbside recycling services are to be provided to houses, duplexes and townhomes.

They will be able to choose to receive either two 16-gallon bins or one 35-gallon cart. Extra bins and carts will not be issued.

Businesses, institutions and smaller apartment buildings in the commercial district each are to be issued only one recycling cart. They will be able to choose either a 35-gallon cart or a 96-gallon cart.

Councilwoman Donna Marie McDonald, who chairs the committee, indicated she understands why negotiations are taking a while to finalize.

“We’ve got a start” on the dialogue, McDonald said.

Negotiating all of the provisions in a garbage contract is “a complicated project,” Dalton said.

Unlike many places, Berryville doesn’t charge residents and businesses monthly fees for garbage pickups. Instead, the town covers the service through revenues it collects.

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