WINCHESTER — With long lines after a much awaited arrival, Bin 5 — billed as “an overstock warehouse that sources goods from Amazon each week” — opened recently in Winchester.

The store at 2228 Valley Ave. near Ward Plaza is the first Bin 5 location in Virginia. It’s open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday through Wednesday.

According to its Facebook page, every shopper aged 15 or older will receive their own 45-gallon bag when they enter, and shoppers can purchase as many items as they can fit in that bag.

Customers are permitted to exit and re-enter the store to receive another bag.

Customers are not permitted to open boxes or any items from the bins inside the store, but “testing stations” are available upon request to ensure a product works before it’s purchased.

Items in the store include electronics, home goods, beauty supplies, kitchen appliances and more — “Anything that Amazon carries,” a company representative noted.

“We’re always offering major discounts because we get items from a variety of liquidation warehouses and they give us unused stock from major retailers,” the company rep said. “As a result, we can sell things at a major discount, because we buy it in bulk.”

All items are priced at $5 on Saturday and Sunday and leftover items from the weekend are marked down to $3 on Monday, $2 on Tuesday and $1 on Wednesday. The store is then closed Thursday and Friday to restock.

Opening weekend, on Nov. 21, led to large crowds and long lines throughout Saturday and Sunday, due in large part to Gov. Ralph Northam’s executive order to limit indoor gatherings to 25 people, the company said.

“Keep in mind we are a permanent store and we are here to stay,” the company said on its Facebook page. “We will try to improve and adjust to make the shopping experience at Bin5 an enjoyable one.”

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Good addition to the community. However, we sure hope everyone was wearing a mask and properly social distancing.

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