WINCHESTER — Three people were charged today with the murder of Jerry Wayne Reid Jr. in his home at 331 Smithfield Ave. on Dec. 23.

Edward N. Bell Jr., 22; Xavian E. Bell, 21; and Ronald Emmanuel Johnson, 26, were all indicted on first-degree murder and attempted robbery charges in Winchester Circuit Court.

Police have not divulged the motive for the killing, but said Reid had crack cocaine delivered to him by a dealer just before the killing. People who were in the house when the killing occurred said two or three people wearing masks broke in. Reid was shot twice in the chest.

Reid, a 40-year-old father of one who worked at Monoflo International, a Winchester plastics manufacturer, was described by friends and relatives as easygoing and free-spirited. They also said he struggled with addiction.

Read Wednesday's Winchester Star for additional details.

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Yes, according the latest article it is the son and daughter of Edward Nathaniel Bell.


Are these the son's of the Edward Nathaniel Bell who killed Officer Timbrook?


Yep, them apples didn't fall far from the tree. Hope they end up just like their daddy. Anything less is a miscarriage of justice.


Being that you’re a “conservative”, you should know very well that anybody that judges or wishes done upon others will fall far from heaven.

Being that you support trump though I will assume that you share the same severe lack of knowledge, ignorance, and incompetence that he does. Tragic.


** who was wrongfully accused

Yet all the officers caught killing civilians on camera walk free

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