Editor's note: A correction has been made regarding the number of seats on the School Board.

Also, Back Creek District board member Kali Klubertanz has indicated in an email that she will not seek another term.

STEPHENS CITY — Bryan L. Nuri has announced he’s running for the Opequon District seat on the Frederick County School Board.

“I want everyone to know I’m pro-education and pro-teacher,” Nuri, 41, said on Tuesday.

He acquired 125 signatures to qualify as a candidate for the nonpartisan post, which voters in the Opequon District will see on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Nuri, who frequently attends local government meetings to speak on education-related issues, is running to fill the seat being vacated by Seth Thatcher, who is not seeking re-election because he is running for Frederick County Commissioner of the Revenue.

School Board terms are four years. Thatcher was elected in November 2015.

No other candidates have announced their intent to run for the School Board’s Opequon District seat.

Nuri said he wants to ensure the county adequately prepares for the educational needs of a growing population, by investing in teachers and upgrading school facilities.

“We’re experiencing a lot of growth in this area,” Nuri said, adding that he attended several Board of Supervisors meetings to advocate for more funding for the new Aylor Middle School, which is slated to open in the fall of 2021 at 471 White Oak Road near Stephens City. The supervisors have allocated $45.5 million for the project but denied a request for additional funds.

After one meeting, Nuri said he was approached by someone about running for the School Board.

“I figured, let’s go for it,” Nuri said. “I hit the bricks.”

Nuri, who works as a tax preparer and bookkeeper at Liberty Tax Service, is a 1996 graduate of Sherando High School in Frederick County and a 1999 graduate of Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown, earning an associate degree in liberal arts. He is currently working toward an associate degree in education at LFCC. He plans to attend the University of Virginia next year via a distance learning program, with the goal of becoming a public school history teacher.

Nuri wants board members to get more involved by periodically visiting classrooms. He also wants them to improve their communication with teachers and parents.

He added that he would “like the schools to be a little more transparent in how they’re spending money.”

Four of the School Board’s seven seats are up for election in November. In addition to the Opequon District seat, they include the Back Creek District held by Kali Klubertanz, the at-large seat being vacated by John Lamanna (he is running for the chairman-at-large seat on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors) and the Gainesboro District seat held by Michael Lake.

Brian Hester, a commercial lender at BB&T Bank, announced in March that he is running to succeed Lamanna on the School Board. Another candidate indicated to The Star in an email this week that he plans to announce his candidacy for the at-large seat on Friday.

Klubertanz has indicated in an email that she will not seek another term.

Susan Schick, an administrative assistant at Barrett Machine Inc., announced in April that she plans to challenge incumbent Michael Lake for the Gainesboro District seat.

Frederick County School Board members receive an annual salary of $5,700

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Don Specht

Anonymous screen names using Facebook to spread discord and misinformation ... Mother Russia has had a lasting effect on our online habitat.

Mr Incredible

Check the Stars Facebook page on the article. Dozens of people saying he is "unstable"t And that's the nicest thing most have to say.

Mr Incredible

Well, if you want a faaaaaaaaar left gay rights et al type on the school board, here's your guy. Check his facebook.


Isn't Brian Nuri the guy from Facebook who was accused of being a child predator?

Mr Incredible

If only there were a group of people that could do some digging, a look at facebook and twitter, a little investigative "reporting" as it were. I wonder where we could find such people?

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