WINCHESTER — A used car dealer is suspected of braking bad.

Kasey D. Strosnider, owner of Kasey’s Kars LLC in Winchester, is accused of bouncing $230,471 worth of checks to Dave’s Wholesale, a vehicle wholesaler. She was indicted on 11 counts of check fraud by a Winchester Circuit Court grand jury on Tuesday.

The checks were written from July 31 through March 6, according to the indictments. The investigation began on March 12 when the owners of Dave’s Wholesale contacted authorities, according to Winchester Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Amanda R. Behan. She said the checks were to buy cars at auto auctions.

Strosnider is free on a $500 bond. She is due in court at 9 a.m. on July 21.

Strosnider didn’t return a call early Wednesday afternoon. She wasn’t at the dealership at 697 N. Loudoun St. when The Winchester Star visited it late Wednesday afternoon.

Strosnider opened the dealership in 2009. A few months after opening the business, she was accused in bankruptcy proceedings of covering up assets and withholding information regarding the bankruptcy of Dellinger Motor Co. LLC, a used car dealership. The dealership was owned by her father, Lewis E. Dellinger Jr.

Dellinger was sued for about $1.3 million over unpaid loan note guarantees on cars he sold. He was also accused of lying to lenders and withholding insurance money he collected for car owners whose vehicles were damaged beyond repair in crashes. In a 2009 interview, Strosnider denied any wrongdoing.

In 2016, Strosnider was sued for fraud by a man who said she bounced a $35,048 check to him for the sale of his car by her. “Strosnider admitted that she was culpable and represented that she would correct the situation,” said the lawsuit filed on behalf of David K. Spence.

However, Spence said he was never paid. The court ruled on behalf of Spence, but the money hadn’t been repaid as of 2017, according to court records.

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