Cartoon: Beto

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Jim McCarthy

Assuming the criticism of a messaging issue is correct, the point of contention between the argument for absolute right to individual firearms is no less challenged by the absolute right to be safe from guns. Keep in mind that Scalia's Heller opinion recognized limitations on gun ownership and possession.


Limitations are different from confiscation. Beto’s words will be etched in voters minds. It is one of the few things this candidate has ever said that will make any difference.


Yes, the democrat party does have a messaging problem....many of them, of course...but this is one of them. lol.

Spock Here

Both parties have a messaging problem. The problem with your ilk is you don't get that.

"thoughts and prayers"


I'm glad you seem to know me well enough to know my "ilk". lol. Is something wrong with prayer?

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