Cartoon: I'll be home. All the time.

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Get out and enjoy life and family and friends. You only go around one time in this world, isolating yourself is not the way.

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It takes a special type of human to not understand that you do not have to "isolate", but you should be smart. Like, avoid large indoor political rallies, crowded indoor bars, crowded indoor church services, and wear a mask to protect others. Creative people can still enjoy life, family, and friends. You do go around one time, so why possibly shorten it, or someone else's, by being a jerk? And why risk overwhelming our health care system.? Show some respect for others. It's not just about you.

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"The worst outbreaks in the country now are in places where policymakers did the least to prevent transmission"

Bernie Mac

When you post a quote, you should give an attribute. Otherwise we will assume it was said by a lying hypocritical Democrat. Like Gavin Newsom.

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Normally I would, but it's also a "fact" as reported in numerous outlets. As you once told someone, "Look it up. I'm not your secretary." One million new cases last week. Also a fact. Too many politicians are hypocrites on both sides. And Gavin is one. Your point? Oh, yes, you never seem to have a point.


I realize conservatives cannot deepen the divide, but I think you are widening the chasm.

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