Cartoon: Let me defund you

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Doc Samson

@Val - Well, almost 24 hours later waiting for some semblance of an explanation from you, or Jim, or Spork, or the Nuri (what is that? Why won't he tell us? Must be hiding... something, right?) on what defunding will look like.

Enlightening as always...

Spock Here

Poor guy, no one around to give you attention. I figure you know, but just for giggles, this is the best explanation I've found so far; the concept is vague at this point, and might be "interpreted" differently by people, since it is a fairly newer concept, but it doesn't mean abolishing police departments, this is from Fortune, it was easy to find. It's a lot of words, good luck. Who knows if it is practical. I'm on the fence about it. I do think part of the reason people don't "enlighten" you, even when you beg, is that whenever one tries, you tend to act like a "d***k. "Defunding the police is shorthand for a divest and invest model: divesting money from local and state police budgets and reinvesting it into communities, mental health services, and social service programs.

The idea is that American communities have come to rely on their more than 18,000 police agencies to do much more than police. They’re fighting terrorism abroad, performing homeless services, working with children in schools, responding to calls for mental health crises, performing social work and welfare checks, mediating domestic disputes, and responding to drug overdoses. Often, they’re not trained to perform these tasks. hose who call for police defunding say they would rather have some duties handled by nonviolent specialists trained in social work, education, or drug counseling.

As the police take on more work, their budgets have also grown substantially. The U.S. spends an estimated $100 billion on their police forces annually, with another $80 billion spent on incarceration. Policing typically accounts for one-third to 60% of American cities’ annual budgets. The New York Police Department, for example, has a $6 billion budget—that’s more than spending on homeless services, housing development and upkeep, youth and community services, health and hospitals, and parks and recreation combined." I hope that helps.

Doc Samson

False assumptions notwithstanding, your effort is appreciated. Beg? Please. I was "asking". There is a difference. Perhaps I should use Nuri's phraseology since you seem to have no issue with his constant "Please explain ..."?

And that description actually sounds semi-plausible but that is NOT what most folks who are supporting that movement are actually calling for. They seem to believe they would simply be better off with no police around. I say let 'em eat that cake and enjoy the consequences. For every bad cop or bad incident, there are thousands of good ones that never get any press. Better training, more stringent qualifications? Sure! A more accountable budget and less militarized? Absolutely! But adding more social bureaucrats? Okay. [rolleyes]


yes, you're waiting because i don't waste my time. spock has explained it very nicely. something tells me you still won't get it.

Spock Here

They won't get it even when they do


Unlike you, I use my real name and take my hits like a man...

"Defund" does not mean to take all funding away from law enforcement. WE need to reevaluate the role we put to police and their accountability. Odd how we never seem to have the money for public works or education, but sure, let's hire some dedicated mechanics to work on the MRAP.

Bernie Mac

How do we know that's your real name? How do we know that's your picture? I certainly don't believe you. After all, you are a Democrat. And everybody knows that Democrats lie. All the time.

Jim McCarthy

Great to see so many radical righties concerned about a lefty topic. On this thread, they have exhausted their ammunition and exposed their best ideas = none. “defund police” we know we are opposed. Just splain it to us. Aargh!!

Doc Samson

Oh, dearest Jim, you make me laugh with your deliberate obtuseness! Radical right, Jim? lol. Y'all really have no sense of history and where conservative and liberal positions used to line up, do you? Ammunition? I've asked twice for an explanation and received nothing but names/insults. Apparently that proves Valerie's point?

You know, when I'm in a meeting and get asked a question, I give an answer. I don't talk around the question or make fun of the person asking the question because that would indicate that: 1) I don't know the answer and am trying to BS my way through, or 2) I still don't know the answer but need to feed my ego by putting the questioner down. So, which is for you two?


you have the internet at your fingertips. rub them brain cells together and learn something.but hey, at least you're on the same page as joe biden!


try learning what 'defund the police' means. cause as of right now, yall are clueless. per usual.

Doc Samson

Please, do explain! All those "defunded" police? Well, I imagine they'll just get hired to supplement the sheriff's dept. that will need to expand significantly. So, just another Leftist sleight of hand tactic...


thanks doc, you never fail to prove whatever point i make.

Doc Samson

Asking questions proves your point? Ooookay. I guess I'm not a "high tier" intellect like you, so maybe if you explain, in simple sentences, how defunding will work. Is this in conjunction with more gun control?


Please, enlighten us.


Looks like we are going to see if these idiotic ideas to defund police departments actually get any traction in places that are not run by Democratic officials.

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