Cartoon: 'Nothing sticks'

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Lord, just stop with this.




Nothing sticks because half the batch of noodles is not true, and, for the half that might be true, the thrower is so dirty themselves that folks question their moral authority to toss anything at all at anyone.

Spock Here

The "moral authority" bar has been set so low by the puppet in chief, no one else can sink that far.


Oh, I can think of a few who sink far lower. Who is Trump the puppet of? Please don't say "Putin", as that is a bit played out by now.

Spock Here

Of course nothing sticks...he is the "chosen one", the "second coming" after all. He might just give himself a medal of honor for all he's done!

Steve Cunningham

Glad you are finally coming around Spock [wink]

Spock Here

Not really, as I am a pastafarian in my heart. But do tell me, which way do you kneel when you bow to pray to him?

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