Cartoon: Romney

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Low Octane- "I think the bigoted and ignorant support and praise him." Q.E.D.

J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt

Yes, yourself, even without any of these others.... prove my point.

Jim McCarthy

Whew!! I thought for a few days recently that the Star had lost its radical right messaging capacity. I was wrong. So, here goes: Trump was not exonerated including in the Mueller report. It was simply that the crimes he committed were not fully proven. Romney's vote on Trump's crime was a courageous stance despite the words of some on this thread about ignorance.

J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt

You ain't ignorant, Jim. You just are so far left (like the party you hack for) that you don't even know what "radical right" is anymore.


Agree or disagree......any thinking decent man should respect Romney had made a tough and heartfelt decision. He will bring much heat upon himself and his family for standing on principles and personal convictions. Rare in any man these days.

Very rare in a politician. I hope his actions encourage decency, courage, and true patriotism in others. Bigoted and ignorant will surely reject and attack him.

J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt

I think the bigoted and ignorant support and praise him.

Spock Here

It didn't appear that bigoted and ignorant president dementia was supporting him yesterday

J.J. Jingleheimerschmidt

Uncle Joe ain't President, Spock.

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