Cartoon: Tune down

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False equivalence.

Spock Here

This evangelical minister, whose inflammatory words caused someone who listened to those words, and murdered an abortion doctor: "As a national anti-abortion leader for more than 30 years, I routinely used inflammatory language from the podium. At rallies for the activist anti-abortion organization Operation Rescue, I depicted doctors who performed abortions as murderers, callous profiteers in misery, monsters and even pigs. Then someone on the fringe of my movement shot and killed Barnett Slepian, an OB/GYN in Buffalo, N.Y., whom I called out by name in demonstrations and clinic blockades." Rev. Rob Schenck is warning trump about rhetoric. But not the Antifa terrorists. Why is that? Even the good Reverend gets that "words matter" Especially from a President. C'mon Star!

Jim McCarthy

A perfectly apropos comment on another Star selection for the base. TY

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