Cartoon: Wild ride

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Catherine Giovannoni

This cartoon makes a good point. Until we get this virus under control, as other countries have done, our economy can't recover. We need to listen to the doctors and scientists.


[lol][lol]It's a flu. That's all.[yawn]

Spock Here

And your medical/science degree is from......?



Spock Here

ahhhh the BS know it all degree.....

Doc Samson

And it only matters when you agree with said "scientist". Gotta ignore any and all evidence that doesn't fit the narrative, right babe? Kind of like how you seem to okay with all the mail fraud/ballot destruction stories... or proclaiming your utmost shock and dismay because some of us dare question someone with a military background who is voting for Biden... ignoring the vast majority of military who will be voting for Trump. Your "science" and "morals" are nothing but fluff based on narrative opinion...

Spock Here

Such a sad little, bitter person is "doc." We don't live in the middle ages anymore, science is science, the earth is round, and the sun does not orbit the earth. How much do you have to hate yourself, your loved ones, and your community to clap like seals for this guy? And somehow they think the Left is the sheep.I can't help noticing that a very small number of Americans think the entire world is lying to them while one lying sociopath is the only person they can trust to tell them the "truth". There's something pathological about that . But on Nov 4 it will be all over. Wallow in your Q theories all you want. It seems to be all you have.

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