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There are still more bad apple regular people in the world than bad apples in law enforcement and the military. I thank God for our military and our police every day.


Yes, it’s a constant job to clean out the “bad apples.” It’s not just police but all professions who are there to serve and protect us. Just recently a Major General will face a court martial for being a sexual predator. Did this man become a sexual predator when he was promoted to general? I doubt it. I would be willing to say this is who he was his entire adult life. How many woman suffered under his command?


It's amazing the lengths you go to to find problems with people in authority, but have no comment about regular folks who are guilty of the same thing day in and day out, at a much higher rate. I get that authority folks should be held to a higher standard, but people should also be held to some standard as well.

Spock Here

It's a start. Now to root all the "bad apples" because, unfortunately, he's not the only one. Accountability

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