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I love how people like to throw terms around without even truly understanding them. For those of you who "think" you know what capitalism is about, read this from Adam Smith, the Father of Capitalism:

Servants, labourers, and workmen of various kinds constitute most of any large political society. And what improves the circumstances of most can’t be regarded as an inconvenience to the whole. Surely no society can be flourishing and happy if most of its members are poor and miserable. It is only fair that those who feed, clothe, and lodge the whole body of the people should have a share of the product of their own labour that enables them also to be tolerably well fed, clothed, and lodged.-----Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations.

If you truly believe the United States operates under traditional "capitalism", I have some bridges in New York to sell you at market price. Corporations are the biggest recipients of socialist largess (that is the redistribution of our tax dollars to their hands). One example, did you know that tens of thousands of Walmart workers must receive food stamps just to survive? We taxpayers cover that cost. Therefore, we are paying Walmart to employ people at starvation wages (or as someone above called it, "free market wages"). Walmart shareholders reap that benefit.

Did you know that 70 percent of the 21 million recipients of federal aid work full time jobs? That is a lot of corporate benefit we are paying just subsidize their workers to maintain food on the table for their kids.

It amuses me that so many can be so smug in their dismissal of poverty in this country using terms like "socialism" and "communism" when the government tries to help these people get basic necessities like food and healthcare. You clearly have never been taught the importance of government in maintaining the balance between corporate greed and a healthy population. Or maybe you would just rather let 21 million of our friends and neighbors starve.

john brown


I would like to thumb up this a million times ..... these "socialism" "communism" boogeymen are just greedy uncaring deplorables


The point of the cartoon is that unemployment benefits should not be higher than the minimum wage, whatever that may be. Which is lowered or raised though, is the conundrum. Raise the minimum wage, costs go up. Lower the unemployment benefits, incentive to get back in the job force. Bottom line, live within your means.

Catherine Giovannoni

No, if the minimum wage doesn't offer enough to pay for child care, transportation costs, etc. and still provide a living, then the economically sound choice is to turn down the minimum wage job. Workers shouldn't wind up worse off for working. Employers who can't hire people at the minimum wage need to raise their wage offer, provide more stable hours, offer better benefits and working conditions. That's how the free market works. We provide employers with all kinds of support, from educating their workforce, to giving them special tax deals if they locate in our area, to providing so many tax breaks and loopholes that many pay no taxes at all. If we can provide those supports for employers, then we can provide unemployment support for workers.

Old Western Man

Lol. "Free Market" wage controls.


Minimum wage jobs are not supposed to be careers. Real jobs are supposed to be careers. When I was younger, I worked minimum wage jobs and healthcare was covered by my parents as I was a minor. When I got a real job after studying hard in school and working hard in my minimum wage jobs to gain experience, I was responsible for myself and my family. Minimum wage jobs were never intended to be career choices in a capitalist society. Only in socialist societies does your model work.


Completely agree. But you can tell who needs the government to run their lives. Sad Sheeple. Liberals head exploding in 3,2,1....

Spock Here

"Q" guy talks about "sad sheeple" ... doesn't seem to realize he's the saddest sheeple of all


Spock, you always make me laugh. Keeping labeling those who disagree with you as conspirators, that seems to be your only rebuttal to those who burn you time and time again. Keep building those bridges buddy and don't forget to wear your mask after immunization, while in your car, alone...LOL

Spock Here

I'm glad you laugh! Much better than getting angry and foaming at the mouth, isn't it? Life's too short to take anonymous posting seriously


This is the most disgusting thing ever printed in the Star! Cannot believe I’m seeing this in print. It’s shameful-


Shameful but, unfortunately, true. Restaurant owners in New York and Miami are suffering and can’t get themselves fully opened.


@ Spock..Anger? Like burning cities and businesses?? You mean that kind of anger Spock?

Catherine Giovannoni

It's funny how the free market is great until it impacts you. When workers can't get jobs that pay enough, we tell them to get more training, move to a better place, take a second job. When goods are scarce, we tell buyers they should expect to pay more for them. If workers are scarce -- and we just watched thousands and thousands of workers die from COVID -- employers should offer more money, better hours, better working conditions. Oh, and if you're having trouble hiring workers, you should definitely be supporting President Biden's plan to increase child care infrastructure. It will free people up to work. In fact, since families currently have to subtract the cost of child care from your salary offer, it will instantly make your salary offer more attractive.


You are a great communicator of your opinions. I couldn't agree with you more.


Child care infrastructure?????Now that's funny. There is no such thing. Child care is NOT infrastructure. " Infrastructure is the general term for the basic physical systems of a business, region, or nation. Examples of infrastructure include transportation systems, communication networks, sewage, water, and electric systems." Now quick, cancel and change the definition so it fits in your little agenda!!!

Doc Samson

@rkk - Child care infrastructure used to be what was known as "the family". Prog-Lefties would love to have their Big Gov't nannies take that over... for the sake of the children, don'tchaknow? Too much "freedumb" otherwise...


And sit back and watch the cost of goods and services go sky high. Oh wait, will just print more money. Ever own a business Catherine?


What an ignorant and insulting trope. Perhaps the Star ownership and management should come out from behind their cartoons and say what this seems to imply are their sentiments: that Americans are lazy opportunists who loathe an honest day's work and love a handout.

Or perhaps I'm wrong. Is the Winchester Star suggesting that we ought to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour to make a work week actually competitive with unemployment benefits? Please provide more context; your cartoons really afford no room for nuance.


No Paul, Americans are taking advantage of a government program that promotes dependency on said Federal Government. Don’t you get it? It’s the Socialism Joe, Kamala and all of you Liberals have wanted. Now quick, call me a conspiracy nut and cancel me for being racist and privileged

Old Western Man


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