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john brown

Good question from a smart kid....

Billie Mac

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Shouldn't this apply to the Star reporters and contributors?

Spock Here

Lying under oath. But still, it is amazing that it's anyone against this man who is the "hypocrite."

Billie Mac

This cartoon is incredibly dishonest and stupid.

john brown

"you can't handle the truth" ... goat is the snowflake of all

Doc Samson

@Bernie - Shhh. The MSM told them, so you know it's true! No need to actually, you know, listen to what he said. The Left will tolerate NO thought that Trump isn't at fault for literally everything. If you even dare say he's only responsible for 80% of what's wrong with the universe, you are clearly a mindless supporter. Oh, and ignore our fanatical support of Virtuous Biden, please. [lol]

Spock Here

Poor Doc. Funny, I can't think of anyone I know marching on our US Capitol if Biden told us to I guess I am not "fanatical" enough, however. Do you suppose those seditionists who say "Trump told us to" have some mental issues you should check into? You seem so concerned about that and there's a whole new video, wow, crackpots for sure dontcha think. Now just so you know, I have my cloak of hypocrisy on today. New color: Mental Issue Crazy Concord Grape...

john brown

"fanatical support" of President Elected Biden ... lmao... the fanatics attempt coup d etat


The left's absolute hatred of Trump has blinded them to what the liberal left is doing to America.

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