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Public health is not a wedge issue. Why does the Star debase itself with these partisan and ignorant cartoons? This one is not the least bit funny.


Well, for this we can thank pathological liar Trump and his sniveling toadies.


Is President Trump also responsible for the burning, looting and assaults going on in every major US city (all but a very few governed by your fellow liberal socialist comrades)?


Yes, he a racist bigot and his behavior encouraged those protests. How do you know that common criminals didn’t do the burning and looting. The kind who attach themselves to friendly protest. The fact is you don’t.


Thank you for the new definition of a ‘friendly

protest:’ rioting, looting and burning!

While you are looking up (dreaming up) words and phrases in the dictionary, check on the definition for ‘delusional!’ Also, remember to gaze in the mirror while doing this, please.


I haven’t burned or looted anything. However, since you Trump Trash now only have a future of evil, lies, and conspiracies doing terrible damage to our democracy, and you can’t seem to defend it. What you do is whine a lot. The truth of what you are has bitten you in the a………ss and, as usual, Republicans rush to put blame on others and elsewhere even the past.

Trump and his sniveling lying cowards are a danger to this country. If you embrace Trump and his lies you are the same traitor. And a sniveling coward.

Doc Samson

@search4u - Nice try! Unfortunately, you can't argue with crazy...


The image is concerning the Delta variant. Why are you bringing up last summer? Oh, that’s right, members of Trump’s Trash Cult of Lies and Conspiracies can’t defend their position so they deflect or try to deflect elsewhere.

Trump is responsible for what is happening with unvaccinated Trump followers. Now, take a deep breath. Go over to your Trump Memorial, light a votive candle under your Trump Bobblehead, 😂 another deep breath, now say quietly: “Trump and his sniveling toadies are responsible for the Covid fiasco” Another deep breath 😮‍💨 Now, that wasn’t so bad was it? Now, you are informed in the truth of it.


Gee, lady, is your outburst because of some facts you cannot handle or because you

are short on your psychotropic medication…or both?


Nope, I’m just fine, thank you.

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