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Thank you, President Biden!

Catherine Giovannoni

Thank you President Biden!

Spock Here

[thumbup][thumbup] and thank goodness we didn't have to hear "he died like a dog."

Mr Incredible

Arabs don't like dogs. They think they are unclean. It was meant as an insult and it was a well deserved comment.

Doc Samson

@Mr I - Spock, like most Pr0gs, doesn't want know or understand the sordid, "real life" details. That's so... common and doth offend. Wetwork is nasty, harsh, and rarely goes as planned, and, yeah, you need to have a certain view of the enemy to be effective.

Spock Here

And a double thank-goodness that we have to Oracle of the Realm to explain the "pr0g" world view.🤣

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