WINCHESTER — Four people are accused of a drive-by shooting involving BB guns in which a home and 11 vehicles were struck on Tuesday night.

No one was hurt in the incident that caused roughly $8,100 in damage, according to Winchester Police Department Cpl. Anna Marie Shelton’s criminal complaint.

The incident, which was reported to authorities at 6:48 p.m., began on South Euclid Avenue, according to an email on Wednesday from police spokeswoman Lt. Amanda Behan. She said the house was struck in the 600 block of Battle Avenue and vehicles were struck on South Euclid Avenue and at Apple Blossom Mall and Kohl’s on South Pleasant Valley Road. Behan said the occupants of the home know the suspects, but she was unsure of the motive behind the incident.

Shelton said a witness on South Euclid provided police with a description and license plate of the alleged getaway car and said it was driven by a woman with three male passengers. A vehicle matching the description was stopped on Berryville Avenue, according to Behan.

Shelton wrote that driver Olivia Brooke Brown, after being advised of her Miranda right against self-incrimination, confessed. Brown said she was driving while passengers Tillman Baltimore, Marcel Travon Ford and Marquel Lewis Thornhill fired the BB guns, according to Shelton. Shelton said three BB guns were found in the car, and BB pellets in the car matched those found in the home.

Baltimore, 21, of Mason Dixon Road in Strasburg; Brown, 19, of Sherando Circle in Stephens City; Ford, 23, of Indian Hollow Road in Bentonville, and Thornhill of Glacier Way in Stafford, were all charged with shooting into an occupied building and 11 counts of destruction of property.

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Guess BB guns need to be confiscated also. You can also get a BB or pellet style gun in that looks like an AR15, so I guess that would put them in same class as any AR aka, military, weapons. What a laugh. Criminals dont obey the law and will use any weapon, not just firearms, to commit there crime


Why no pictures of the suspects since they've been arrested? Mug shots? Or are we supposed to wait for their mother's to hold up their 6th grade pictures and say they are good boys?[rolleyes]

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