Michael V. Greenan

WINCHESTER — In a recorded jailhouse call with his wife, a retired Front Royal attorney accused of child molestation discussed fleeing to the Bahamas.

Michael Vincent Greenan, a 78-year-old former public defender and private defense attorney, told Angela Greenan to not give his passport to authorities unless asked about it, according to Heather D. Enloe, a Frederick County assistant commonwealth’s attorney. The call was one of the reasons Judge William Warner Eldridge IV cited for denying Greenan bond in Frederick Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Greenan is accused of molesting two 8-year-old girls between Dec. 19 and Aug. 19 while he was visiting Front Royal. After retiring, he moved on 2011 to North Port, Florida — a city of about 70,000 located about 85 miles south of Tampa. He waived extradition and was arrested on Oct. 21 after being indicted on Oct. 12. He is due back in court on Nov. 16.

While jailed, Enloe said Greenan discussed using his passport to abscond if granted bond.

"Did you have a conversation where he said don't offer it if they don't ask for it and you can run off to the Bahamas and they would have to drag him back?" Enloe asked Angela Greenan, a former Warren County Circuit Court and Frederick General District Court deputy clerk who testified for the defense. "Did you discuss divesting assets and that proceeds of the sale of the Florida home would be put in a bank account in your name?"

Defense attorney William August "Beau" Bassler countered that he hadn't been provided with a transcript of the call, but the Bahamas reference could've been an off-hand comment made in jest. He said it was plausible that a husband dealing with legal costs and the threat of long-term imprisonment might want to rearrange his finances to ensure his wife's financial security.

In seeking bond, Bassler noted Greenan is a Navy veteran who served two tours in the Vietnam War before becoming an attorney in Virginia in 1986. He practiced in Warrenton and Front Royal, where he was a Warren County public defender for five years in the mid-2000s.

"This is somebody who has never been in trouble with the law," Bassler told Eldridge. "He has served his country and served his community."

Enloe argued the risk of Greenan absconding is high based on the passport reference. "If that isn't indicative of flight risk, I don't know what is," she said.

Enloe added that Greenan's denial of the allegations in a phone call with the girls' mother was implausible. She said Greenan told the mother the girls initiated sexual touching with him and that he hadn't told the mother because he didn't want to get the girls in trouble. Enloe said the girls allegations were "detailed and lurid" and included a description of Greenan's genitals.

Eldridge said the jailhouse call, the severity of the allegations against Greenan and Greenan's knowledge of the legal system were cause for denying bond. "The risk of flight is extremely high," he said.

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Heather Enloe is a treasure. Good job keeping this animal behind bars.


this waste of air should never see the light of day again. he should most definitely be held in Gen pop who are aware of why he's in there. that's justice.

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