These are the Clarke County real estate transfers of $200,000 and more for May through November 2018, according to the Clarke County Circuit Court.

The transfers are listed by district and then by price, from highest to lowest.

November Town of Berryville

Deanna Warner to Cheri Horvath, 137 Hermitage Blvd., $445,000.

Jolyn K. Freeman to Brian S. Clark, 429 Custer Court, $385,000.

Richard Lockheart Sharpe to Javier Bermudez Ayala, 107 Academy St., $345,000.

Longmarsh District

Joseph K. Cox to Mark Cunningham, 1124 Clifton Road, $485,000.

Ronald E. DeHaven to Ronald E. DeHaven Jr., 191 Neill Road, $450,000.

David Gillenwater to David Dyer, no address listed, $410,000.

Burvie C. Arthur to Ambience Countryside, no address listed, $209,100.

Chapel District

Joyce Badness to Sarah K. Geiger, 2156 Feltner Road, Bluemont, 33 acres, $677,900.

Battletown District

Licking Valley Construction Corp. to Todd Schumaker, 19706 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, $538,469.

Sandy Spring Bank to VA Investment 21 LLC, no address listed, $350,000.

October Town of Berryville

Merica Faye Dito to Win Chomney, 832 McGuire Circle, $580,000.

Robert Grimm Jr. to Gudrun Eck, 109 Isaac Court, $442,508.

Thomas W. Simmons IV to Walter F. Morton Jr., 121 S. Buckmarsh St., $430,000.

Patricia Gale Sowers to Jocelyn Pade, 105 Lincoln Ave., $216,000.

Longmarsh District

Charlie Boy LLC to Upton Farm LLC, no address listed, $1,144,962.70.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, 487 Fishpawrd LLC, 487 Fishpaw Road, $725,000.

Susan G. Scott to Kevin J. O’Neill, 376 Edenbrook Lane, $550,000.

Michael J. Dowling to Charles Martens, 308 Stuart Court, $365,000.

Battletown District

Roy C. Cooper to Daniel Hugh Stitt, 57 Gordons Ridge Lane, $580,000.

Sweet Family Trust to John B. MacGregor, 303 Hawthorne Lane, $486,000.

Antonio B. Santillano to David W. Broadwell, 2934 Wickliffe Road, $485,000.

William Donahoe to Zachary Myers, 21281 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, $420,000.

Chapel District

William E. Bierer to Jame Ryan Hoffman, 0 Kinsky Lane, $500,000.

Aaron Olmstead to Kevin E. Mueller, 282 Kinsky Lane, $445,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jeffrey William Stack, 159 Oak Cliff Lane, $266,000.

Greenway District

Clifford B. Cantrell to James K. Hinton, 191 Butler Lane, White Post $520,000.

Ronald C. Tavenner to Maureen White, 722 Mount Carmel Road, $430,000.

Town of Boyce

Frank Anthony Yurkovich to Kevin W. Lanham, 309 Green Meadow Court, $485,000.

Danny K. Vincent to Timothy Alston Sandy, 42 S. Greenway Ave., $330,000.

Idelwild River Farm LLC to Ryan C. Stehlik, property on Pioneer Lane, $265,000.

No district listed

Licking Valley Corp. to Curtis Reuter, 558 Manor Road, $350,000.

Peter Hitchen to Coviello Farms, no address listed, $1,200,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Christopher Norton, no address listed, $361,000.

September Town of Berryville

CIE International to 1881 Real Estate LLC, no address listed, $680,000.

Richmond American Homes to Todd Sauers, 408 Delany Court, $546,859.

Victor Estanquiero to Ryan Adwers, 794 McGuire Circle, $450,000.

Allan McWilliams to Kurt Vannostrand, 218 Academy St., $440,000.

David Cole to Gregory Hutchison, 416 Hancock Court, $406,000.

Kimberley Hessler to Allen McWilliams, 305 Treadwell St., $380,000.

Battletown District

Kenneth C. Hansen to Zenas B. Noon, 17991 Raven Rocks Road, $605,000.

Julian Marcel Sadler to Laura Ann Carnahan, 10766 Harry Byrd Highway, $480,000.

Roger Tapscott to Aamir Malik, 322 Pine Grove Road, $407,000.

Matthew Stanley to Alexander V. Kurashev, 18976 Raven Rock Road, $279,900.

Traci R. Murphy to Melissa Eby, 568 Boom Road, $242,300.

Chapel District

Jeri Beck to Christopher Sheilds, 719 Lakeview Lane, $405,000.

Sonia S. Parenteau to Kevin Smyth Jr., 2977 Calmes Neck Lane, $330,000.

Crescent River Properties to Ashlyn Brooks, 731 Bishop Meade Road, $248,000.

Sheila Fay Smallwood to April Hunter, 3 Virginia Ave., $235,000.

Wanda L. Gray to Edward Louis Jeep, 734 Briggs Road, $200,813.

Longmarsh District

MNNW Partnership to Byron Timberlake, no address listed, $1,795,800.

Thomas Parker Jr. to Thomas King, 222 Stringtown Road, $491,000.

Virginia Newsome to Suntrust Mortgage, 386 Lewisville Road, $467,800.

Allen W. Lacey to Nicholas Q. Rosa, 213 Triple J. Road, $293,600.

Dave Anderson to Robert E. McKew, 84 Triple J. Road, $205,000.

Town of Boyce

Greystone Developers Inc. to Richmond American Homes, 12220 Sunrise Valley Drive, $362,500.

No district listed

Wells Fargo Bank to Kyung Jo Yong, no address listed, $312,200.

August Town of Berryville

Thomas D. Russell to Rodney Lee King, 300 Harriman St., $440,000.

Victor Lombardo to Robert Neeley, 417 Fremont Court, $408,000.

James Kelley III to Joshua Curtis, 308 Breckinridge Court, $380,000.

Daniel Garrett to Carol Fraysher, 303 Archer Court, $349,200.

Jose C. Rose Jr. to Michaels Davalos, 206 Dorsey St., $335,000.

ISGL Properties LLC to Eileen Snyder, 6 Bel Voi Drive, $315,000.

Philip E. Taylor to Christian John Gabriel, no address listed, $300,000.

Young Peretz to Sherman Young, 500 W. Main St., $280,000.

Chapel District

Ernest C. Downs to Hickory Knob LLC, 1007 Calmes Neck Lane, $850,000.

Project Hope to George Williams III, no address listed, $676,627.05

Nerd Farms LLC to Tumblewood Farms, no address listed, $620,000.

Williams E. Shmidheiser III to FFC Properties, no address listed, 66.45 acres, $612,000.

Edward Sands to Brian Terzian, 524 Elm Springs Road, $486,000.

Thomas E. Shifflett to Marcela Marcey, 224 Barker Lane, $415,000.

Douglas Bryce Smith to David Allen Deisbeck, 3355 Calmes Neck Lane, $379,600.

Daniel J. Roelker to Kenneth E. Armentrout, 155 Summerville Road, $355,000.

Elizabeth A. Langhorne to James Langhorne, 1371 Old Chapel Road, $314,500.

Jonathan Deason to Julien Lacaze, no address listed, $268,500.

No district listed

Thomas Daughtrey to Calvin Gloss, 3056 Swift Shoals Road, $780,000.

Town of Boyce

Stacy Hammonds to Andy Scott McDonald, 219 Bradford Drive, $379,000.

Longmarsh District

Scott Hubbard to Stephen T. Pledgie, 20 Craigs Run Court, $630,000.

Torian Walker to Kellan Walker, 1140 Old Charlestown Road, $271,000.

Greenway District

Allison Massey to Sherry Zendel, 128 Burch Lane, $467,500.

Michael J. Wills to Corey Charles Lavelle, no address listed, $399,900.

Ernest Duncan to Pierre Authier, 7193 Howellsville Road, $335,000.

Battletown District

Jane A. Hart to Jeffrey B. Lam, 2247 Parshall Road, $650,000.

Stephen Lee Peyton to Geoffrey Bowman, 136 Rose Hill Lane, $544,900.

Morris-McNair to Amy Ammerman, no address listed, $525,000.

Equity Trustees LLC to Carolyn Leeds, 497 Kinsky Lane, $408,000.

Pro-Tec Builders LLC to Pamela Weaver, 535 Alder Lane, Shenandoah Retreat, $335,000.

Glen Raymond Poe to Rumel Inc., no address listed, $250,000.

Roger C. Engelhart to Janet Emma Garbe, 32668 Mount Weather Road, $225,000.

Beachmark Construction to Caryn Melinikoff, 254 Good Shepherd Road, $225,000.

July Battletown District

Marc English to Thomas Daugherty, 17697 Raven Rocks Road, $1,215,000.

Blake Construction Co. Inc. to Peter Y. Malyshev, 19094 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, $721,000.

Malinda R. Bloomingdale to Shane E. Bates, no address listed, $620,000.

Gregory M. Davis to Craig Rosenthal, 166 Cannonball Road, $475,000.

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage, 244 Oakleaf Lane, $439,300.

Dorothy L. Unger to Bruce Zurschmeide, 229 River Road, $325,000.

Louise Lynn to Deborah Cook, 360 Timber Lane, $235,000.

Town of Berryville

Richmond American Homes to Jason Steve Budkja, 417 Delany Court, $528,218.

Donn R. Besselievre to Danny M. McLaughlin, 428 Madden St., $499,000.

Michael Eugene Rogers to Nathan Dalton, 225 Tyson Drive, $477,000.

Stephen Kuehm to Joshua Branham, 413 Lindsay Court, $460,000.

Thomas A. Wimmer to Stephanie Joyce Molnar, 320 W. Main St., $445,000.

Luc Gosselin to Adrian Heymer, 405 Hancock Court, $401,000.

Touazeng Lee to Shahida Chaudhry, 412 Hermitage Blvd., $400,000.

Paul M. Hoyt to Stephen Courtemanch, 305 Stuart Court, $377,500.

Joan H. Cole to Christopher Plummer, 312 Mosby Blvd., $364,900.

David L. Williams to Jason Justin Heki, 431 Cobbler Drive, $350,000.

William R. Wiita III to Vivkie Lynn Trabold, 16 Dorsey St., $310,000.

Wayne B. Ferrell Jr. to James A. Ferrell, 103 Battletown Drive, $255,000.

Amy Lynn Casbeer to Benjamin Curtis, 203 N. Church St., $207,000.

Longmarsh District

Jennifer O. Wallace to Jose R. Rodriguez, 774 Russell Road, $532,530.

Rebecca Erskine to Patricia Gilbert, 227 Keystone Lane, $370,000.

Silvia Marshall to Thomas S. Elliston, 1450 Stringtown Road, $333,900.

Christopher Cobb to Larry Dodson, 110 Crums Church Road, $236,000.

Fanny Mae to Cody Anderson, 3223 Kimble Road, $235,500.

Cynthia G. Bassett to Gregory C. Gunter, no address listed, $230,000.

Chapel District

Huntley Steadman Finch III to Sean McGaughey, 4361 Senseny Road, $834,500.

Frances Ballenger to Gary McGraw Jr., 754 Castleman Road, $249,000.

Daniel R. Delozier to Noah Olmstread, 6802 Lord Fairfax Highway, $220,000.

No district listed

Russell Jenkins to Keith Larkin, 209 Joliffe Circle, $370,000.

June Chapel District

Caroline Marten to Michael Lewis McIntosh, 351 Windwood Lane, $575,700.

Diane Marie Bartz to Martin R. Oldham, 575 Windwood Lane, $675,000.

Brian M. Brooks to John Gilley, 4346 Ebenezer Road, $370,000.

Brian M. Barber to Nicholas D. Rios Ureta, 30 Jack Enders Blvd., $259,900.

Battletown District

Albert Edwards to Craig Aughe, 471 Barker Lane, $465,000.

John R. Lueders to Jeanne E. Kelly, 1520 Trapp Hill Road, $387,500.

William A. Murry to Kimberly K. Gessner, 256 Holly Lane, $365,000.

Erik Hoggatt to Anthony J. Vasquez, no address listed, $235,000.

Town of Berryville

Scott Smalley to Valley Ventures Fund, no address listed, $995,000.

Capital Builders LLC to Kevin Alan Coons, 417 Madden St., $439,900.

Susan L. Conners to William Murray, 200 E. Main St., $400,000.

William R. Whita Jr. to Mary Jane Windle, 412 Custer Court, $395,000.

Richard P. Burchnall to Tonya B. Lessard, 222 Treadwell St., $347,000.

Mimi Hong Allen to Labax SMB LLC, no address listed, $300,000.

Longmarsh District

William G. Mayo to Jon Joseph McKenna, 6259 Harry Byrd Highway, $1,075,000.

Carolyn E. Maslaney to Thurman Farm LLC, no address listed, $850,000.

Robert G. Sayre to William D. Doran, 195 Minniewood Lane, $505,000.

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Federal National Mortgage, no address listed, $295,000.

No district listed

Steve Stites to James W. Brady, 184 Eagle Rock, $875,000.

Marsha McCombie to James S. George II, no address listed, $505,000.

Michael King to Lisa Ermini, 845 Wadesville Road, $360,000.

Cindy Farris to Diana Pilachowski, 509 Cedar Lane, Shenandoah Retreat, $325,000.

Greenway District

Joshua Schooley to Lisa Anne Sponeller, 1531 Lord Fairfax Highway, $245,000.

May Town of Berryville

Dennis G. Burk to James Wallace, 117 Tyson Drive, $475,000.

Dana Storm to Aaron Asher Jones, 300 Pickett Court, $405,000.

Chris Crawford to CCawford Trust, 20 Dorsey St., $385,000.

Wendy S. Feltner to Charles B. Allen, 221 Walnut St., $278,000.

Bryan Poe to Matthew Koss, 327 Buckmarsh St., $215,000.

Chapel District

Justin Richmond to Bradley Keister, 240 Ashley Woods Lane, $869,975.79

David G. Bodkin to Marlon Christopher Darlington, 785 Pyletown Road, $475,000.

John Rickard to Indie Development, no address listed, 50 acres, $390,000.

Sarah Marie Messer to George J. Seyrlehner, 21826 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, $305,000.

Samuel White to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, no address listed, $268,960.

Sarah G. Taber to Kimberly Nigro Van Etten, no address listed, $248,000.

Estate of Sharon K. Edwards to Victor George Raphael Jr. no address listed, $235,000.

Battletown District

George F. Shaw to William K. Yancey, 957 Coulson Lane, $712,000.

Lenny Bianchi Trust to Kevin Sean DeHart, 19417 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, $685,000.

Brock Johnson to Stephen Ligday, 311 S. Church St., $635,000.

Ronald Williams to Yan Noung, 530 Longwood Lane, $525,000.

John R. Thiel to Nicholas R. Thiel, no address listed in Shenandoah Retreat, $450,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Ryan Leveille, 525 Old Ferry Lane, $350,000.

ALG Trustee LLC to Nationstar Mortgage, 31 Aspen Lane, $203,300.

Olga Neger to Groshire White LLC, no address listed, $200,000.

Greenway District

Patricia Gaston to Travis Knight, 238 Vista Lane, $530,000.

Alice L. Grant to James O. Toms, 75 Vista Lane, $495,000.

Gregory Conradi to Faris Nsour, 360 Ebenezer Road, $430,000.

Estate of John Burns to Jorge Berumen Ibarra, 8763 John Mosby Highway, $235,000.

No district listed

Reo Trust RPL I to Douglas Smith, no address listed, $351,500.

Deutche Bank Company to Richard Tavenner II, 987 Clifton Road, $250,000.

Longmarsh District

Mark D. Lloyd to John Edmond Yeates, no district listed, $435,000.

Warren Dilandro to Bryan Poe, 319 N. Buckmarsh St., $333,000.

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