BERRYVILLE — The Clarke County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday adopted a resolution prohibiting collective bargaining between the county and its employees.

Collective bargaining involves an organized body of workers — such as a union — negotiating wages and other terms of employment.

Virginia banned collective bargaining by local government employees until May 1. A code change then took effect, giving counties, cities and towns the right to participate in bargaining if they first adopt an ordinance declaring their willingness.

But the supervisors rejected the idea.

“The county has a long history of working with its employees on issues such as working conditions, pay, benefits and other matters,” the resolution reads.

“We want to be able to work with employees” individually and directly to resolve any grievances they might have, said David Weiss, the board’s chairman and Buckmarsh District representative.

Because it involves formal mediation processes, collective bargaining can be costly and reduce the ability of the parties involved to negotiate, county officials maintain.

According to County Administrator Chris Boies, most county employees enjoy their work and feel appreciated, based on his conversations with them.

The vote to adopt the resolution was unanimous following a motion by Russell District Supervisor Doug Lawrence.

In other business, the supervisors made two appointments to county panels.

Reid Dodson was appointed to the Economic Development Advisory Committee to replace Lori Mackintosh, who resigned. He will serve the remainder of her unexpired term, which ends Dec. 31.

James Smith was reappointed to the Board of Social Services. His term will expire in July 2025.

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Jim McCarthy

A fair method to verify the hearsay conclusion that county workers are satisfied and happy would be to conduct a confidential survey. Relying upon hearsay information does not assist residents in forming an opinion. Not a comparison but plantation owners too often characterized the happiness of workers.

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