WINCHESTER — Ole Man Winter looks like he's getting warmed up.

Although Monday's high temperature was 66 degrees at 2:15 p.m., according to National Weather Service data recorded at Winchester Regional Airport showed, an approaching arctic cold front was anticipated to bring rain, gusty winds and falling temperatures Monday night into this morning. An overnight low temperature in the mid-30s was forecast.

Any rain lingering could change to light snow before ending later today, the weather service says. Temperatures are expected to continue to decline, falling to below the freezing point of 32 degrees by 5 p.m. before dropping into the lower 20s overnight. Chances of precipitation are between 20% and 30%.

Winds will accompany the cold. Gusts of up to 30 mph are forecast during the afternoon and 21 mph at night. That will drop the wind chill — how the cold actually feels to exposed skin — to as low as 16 degrees this afternoon and 6.5 degrees overnight, calculations show.

Partly cloudy to sunny skies are forecast to return on Wednesday, but the cold will linger. Daytime temperatures in the mid-30s and overnight temperatures in the lower 20s are expected.

Generally warmer temperatures are predicted for Thursday and Friday. A low temperature of 27 degrees is forecast for both days, but daytime high temperatures are expected to reach the mid-40s to around 50 degrees. Any wind is expected to be light, and no precipitation is anticipated.

For cold weather lovers, Dec. 1 will be the start of "meteorological winter," the three-month period in which forecasters generally believe wintry weather is most likely to occur. However, winter does not officially arrive until Dec. 21.

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