WINCHESTER — More than 100 feline lovers showed off their furry friends at the Cat Fanciers of Washington Cat Show on Saturday at the Sportsplex.

The arena was full of cat carriers and the sounds of meows as owners waited to show their cats, some of whom competed in agility contests.

There were about 140 entries, according to David Raynor, treasurer of Cat Fanciers of Washington. The show featured pedigreed and non-pedigreed cats.

Karen Bishop came from Freehold, N.J., to show Party Favor, her 8-year-old Japanese bobtail. She has 10 cats and has been showing cats for about 30 years. Bishop enjoys attending cat shows to make new friends and have a good time.

Another competitor, Dena Bracy, of Luray, brought her Egyptian Mau, Djinn, to Saturday’s cat show. Djinn has competed in three cat shows. Although he sometimes gets a little grumpy, he was well-behaved on Saturday, with Bracy noting he hadn’t “lashed out on any judges.”

Bracy got into cat shows after a cat breeder encouraged her to compete.

Part of the show featured an agility competition with poles that cats weaved through and jumped over. They also ran through tunnels and climbed over blocks. Treats and cat toys were used to lure felines along the course.

Five-month-old Apollo, a domestic shorthair, ran the obstacle course in 30.32 seconds. He is the ninth-ranked cat in agility in the nation in the Cat Fanciers Association. Apollo is owned by Rennie Hoffer, of Baltimore. Hoffer said she enjoys going to cat shows to meet new people and visit other states. The farthest she has traveled to a cat show is North Carolina.

Melanie Morgan, of Louisa, has been judging cats for 10 years.

“I don’t think anyone goes into this thinking they want to become a judge. You go into this because you love cats first,” said Morgan, who helped judge Saturday’s contest.

Cats on Saturday were evaluated by trained judges against written standards for their breed.

Morgan said Saturday’s show featured a good variety of breeds, but Raynor said turnout was a bit lower than in previous years. The show has been held in Winchester for over 10 years.

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