The following information is from Clarke County Circuit Court and Department of Building Inspections from Aug. 1-Sept. 11:

Marriage licenses

• Michael Branndon Pezzanite, 33, of Slanesville, W.Va., and Kristol Nicole Mahoney, 23, of Paw Paw, W.Va.

• Brandon Michael Connor, 25, of Winchester, and Kayla Rebecca Gilley, 24, of Berryville.

• Brian Kenneth Bowman, 51, of Charles Town, W.Va., and Christine Sue Jennings, 47, of Charles Town.

• Samuel Sewell Rinker, 49, of Penhook, and Dawn Stacy Brantley, 49, of White Post.

• Michael Alonzo Van Valen, 63, of Boyce, and Minerva Sumabat Cabais, 50, of Boyce.

• Clayton Duane Cummings, 27, of Berryville, and Patricia Barbara Capwell, 28, of Berryville.

• Jared Bacon Davis, 34, of Berryville, and Ashley Lynn Sullivan, 34, of Berryville.

Real estate over $200,000

• FFC Properties LLC to Brandon Cossaboon, 8 Whiting Ave., Boyce, $240,000.

• Joshua D. Hall and Twyla G. Hall to Roman Sena and Deneal Sena, Roseville Downs, 112 Roseville Court, Boyce, $349,000.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Kenneth A. Haren Jr. and Stephanie Klopfanstein, Boyce Crossing, 228 Pleasant Hill Drive, Boyce, $388,054.

• Peter S. Boies and Tracy M. Boies to Abram M. Stroot and Erin M. Stroot, Berryville Glen, 774 McGuire Circle, Berryville, $538,000.

• John Michael Hobert to John P. Chesson, 126 S. Church St., Berryville, $450,000.

• Logan Sammons and Christina D. Sammons to Melissa A. Kammer, Meadow View, 240 Bradford Drive, Boyce, $389,900.

• Russell W. Jenkins III and Sandra A. Jenkins to David Moore and Yu Yan Moore, 18623 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, Bluemont, 45.79 acres, $288,500.

• Julian Clark Hansbarger and Virginia G. Reuling to Alfred Ladislaus Baniowski and Julie Ann Baniowskiu, 1834 Castleman Road, Berryville, $399,000.

• Ronald Glenn Owens, Anthony Todd Owens and Angela Sue Carr, devisees of the estate of Harvey J. Owens, to William Tanner Madigan and Danielle Nicole Madigan, 1186 Quarry Road, Berryville, $320,000.

• Thomas Plumbing & Heating Inc. to Cattlemans Properties LLC, 20 Cattlemans Lane, Berryville, $425,000.

• Daniel D. White and Teri S. White to Theresa Lynn Core, Peggy Core and Donald Ray Roles, 28 Maple Lane, Bluemont, $350,000.

• Joshua G. Curtis to Troy Moseley and Sharon Moseley, Dortch subdivision, 1026 Springsbury Road, Berryville, $255,000.

• Mark D. Parkinson and Rachel K. Parkinson to Corey Scott Nacin and Ashley L. Nacin, 454 Spring House Lane, Berryville, $575,000.

• Vicki B. Broy, executrix of the estate of Frances M. Ballenger, to Joel S. Olmstead and Christine E. Olmstead, 39 River Road, Bluemont, $375,000.

• Kim J. Allder to Matthew Paul McKenna and Anneliese Elaine McKenna, 716 E. Main St., Berryville, $465,000.

• Melanie Gantt to Glenn S. Harshman and Yana Zamboni Harshman, 3295 River Road, Bluemont, $220,000.

• Robert W. Smalley Jr. and E. Scott Smalley, co-trustees of the Glassell B. Smalley Trust, to Dana Zelman, 3180 Harry Byrd Highway, Berryville, $1,100,000.

• Brenda Klyne to Susan Grace Brewer, 19488 Blueridge Mountain Road, Bluemont, 10 acres, $628,000.

• Linda A. Hansen to Antoine Marc Lunghi and Jenna Eileen Fox, Chestnut Knoll, 600 Chestnut Lane, Berryville, 10.59 acres, $517,075.

• James W. Hanscom and Edith O. Buchan-Hanscom to Rockwood Riverside LLC, 1919 Castleman Road, Berryville, 10.04 acres, $400,000.

• John B. Dyer to Natosha Hale, Apple Glen, 437 Page St., Berryville, $400,000.

• Terence John Rosenbrook and Kathryn Schiller Rosenbrook to Albert B. Yan and Jaclyn Joy Guartero Weller, Apple Glen, 409 Blossom Drive, Berryville, $378,500.

• Antonio Gutierrez and Maria Barrientos Gutierrez to Francisco Miranda Rivas and Blanca Yamileth Orellana-Hernandez, Apple Glen, 321 E. Fairfax St., Berryville, $427,000.

• Greystone Developers Inc. to Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc., Boyce Crossing, Boyce, Lots 20-21, 23-24, 28-29, 39, $432,500.

• George P. Greenhalgh III and Robin R. Greenhalgh to Brian E. Ferrell, 1384 Ellerslie Road, Berryville, 94 acres, $795,000.

• William L. Elliott and Margaret Virginia Elliott to Sheila Kay Konopa, 1119 Bishop Meade Road, Boyce, $249,500.

• Elizabeth Dougherty to Kathleen Elizabeth Wellington, 612 Morgans Mill Road, Bluemont, $335,000.

• William A. Heard III and Jaquin Michael Heard, devisees and executors of the estate of Hortencia M. Gilpin, to Charlene E. Guarriello, 331 River House Lane, Boyce, $645,000.

• Marlon C. Darlington and Kevin Nicewarner to Tara M. Crosen and Brian K. Legge, 140 White Post Road, White Post, $366,000.

• David C. Cress and Leah Cress to Robert Aaron Swain and Cora Jean Swain, 833 Nations Spring Road, White Post, 5.13 acres, $385,000.

• David A. Welch and Kathleen N. Welch to Kenneth M. Radziwanowski and Diana M. Radziwanowski, Shenandoah Farms, 1035 Shenandoah River Lane, Boyce, $639,000.

• Christopher J. Bresnan and Jeananne H. Shultz to Joseph Robert Masztalics and Eileen Marie Masztalics, Carefree Acres, 336 Gotham Lane, Boyce, $430,000.

• Jackie E. Smith and Stephanie H. Smith to Joshua Kennedy and Kimberly Kennedy, 320 Barker Lane, Bluemont, 5.62 acres, $500,000.

Building permits for August over $50,000

• Cody Wagner, 500 Laurel Lane, Bluemont, garage, $72,713.

• Robert Swain, 833 Nations Spring Road, White Post, garage, $100,944.

• Robert R. Villar, 881 Retreat Road, Bluemont, single-family dwelling, $227,934.

• Warren and Mary Broy, 2160 Triple J Road, Berryville, single-family dwelling, $315,137.

• Rianne Kinsey, 155 Holly Lane, Bluemont, single-family dwelling, $209,064.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia, two single-family dwellings in Boyce, 248 Pleasant Hill Drive, $264,030; 332 Belinda Court, $280,059.

• Cody and Leslie Kerr, 2308 Longmarsh Road, Berryville, single-family dwelling, $236,918.

• Sarah Brennan, 6259 Harry Byrd Highway, Berryville, remodeling, $75,000.

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