The following information is from Clarke County Circuit Court from Aug. 12 to Sept. 17:

Marriage licenses

• Brandon Michael Gant Ratliff, 30, of Berryville, and Kayla Blair Childs, 30, of Berryville.

• Theodore Edward Warner, 69, of Linden, and Monica Denise Zeigler, 54, of Charles Town, West Virginia.

• William Paul Gvoth, 32, of Fairfax, and Nadia Parekh, 31, of Fairfax.

• Raymond Randolph Stone Sr., 60, of White Post, and Sharon Rose Hodge, 60, of White Post.

• Randall Shane Littleton, 39, of Bluemont, and Angela Marie Archambeau, 47, of Bluemont.

• Bryan Timothy Youngmann, 31, of Wyckoff, New Jersey, and Victoria Genevieve O’Dea, 31, of Alexandria.

• Oliver Hopkins Massa, 27, of Centreville, and Katy Lynn Rabassa, 27, of Centreville.

• Robert Cyparski, 35, of Martinsburg, West Virginia, and Lia Alexandra Merila, 38, of Middletown.

• Garrison Legrand Haugen, 22, of Sterling, and Annalise Grace Johnson, 20, of Ashburn.

• Bryan David Kidd, 31, of Berryville, and Emma Raye Frederick, 23, of Winchester.

• Robert Randolph Wallace, 29, of Berryville, and Lauren Sciacca Hagarty, 29, of Inwood, West Virginia.

• Jacob Mitchell Holland, 24, of Natural Bridge Station, and Haley Isabella Darr, 24, of Natural Bridge Station.

• Hunter Thomas Fiddler, 23, of Berryville, and Kaylea Star Nutter, 21, of Berryville.

• James Lee Cox, 44, of Berryville, and Margaret Ann Fisher-Kay, 51, of Berryville.

• Joseph Dean Sowers Jr., 28, of Berryville, and Ashley Louise Kelley, 32, of Berryville.

• Aaron Edward Wilson, 39, of Laurel, Maryland, and Sharon Michelle Otero Perez, 38, of Sterling.

• David Neil Petrosky, 46, of Berryville, and Tiffini Lynlea Carollo, 50, of Bluemont.

• Zachary Wyatt Smith, 22, of Alexandria, and Brittany Paige Cornwell, 22, of Alexandria.

• Dennis Kai Kubin, 46, of Lansdown, and Margot Arkin Hodges, 40, of Washington, D.C.

• David Allen Young, 33, of Arlington, and Catherine Anne Hennessey, 31, of Arlington.

• Andrew Michael Woodson, 28, of Ashburn, and Evelyn Crystal Forde, 30, of Ashburn.

• Brian Nicholas Everhart, 40, of Bluemont, and Cassie Marie Powell, 37, of Bluemont.

• Todd Austin Dean, 25, of Strasburg, and Cortney Lynn McDonald, 21, of Strasburg.

• Sawyer Evan Kling, 25, of Sterling, and Kirsten Elizebeth Cunningham, 26, of Sterling.

• Jared Hall Garland, 30, of Leesburg, and Abbie Tripp Stitely, 31, of Leesburg.

• Eric Douglas Keeler, 30, of Bloomery, West Virginia, and Helena Lauren St. Clair, 23, of Berryville.

• Stephen John Toth, 87, of Alexandria, and Mary Ida Ehlers, 73, of Alexandria.

• Thomas Marvin Jennelle, 44, of Maurertown, and Jennifer Kay Jackman, 38, of Paris.

Real estate over $200,000

• Douglas H. Ross to Brian Edward Burke, 307 First St., Berryville, $350,000.

• Annie L. Torbik Brenner to Clinton Jed Foster, 15 N. Greenway Ave., Boyce, $270,000.

• David L. Stickley and Denise Young, co-executors of the estate of Shirley Cunningham, to Audra Jean Wallace, Treadwell, 105 Battletown Drive, Berryville, $318,000.

• Hannah Kimberly Olmstead to Suellen Olson Drake, 107 E. Main St., Berryville, $262,424.

• Joseph M. Reshetar and Kimberly L. Reshetar to Sarah J. Ramsay and Timothy L. Sergent, The Hermitage, 309 Dunlap Drive, Berryville, $600,000.

• Susan L. Peoples and Mitchell S. Peoples to Jeb Dickerson and Taressa F. Dickerson, Mount Pleasant, 10843 Harry Byrd Highway, Berryville, $270,000.

• Mark W. Shoup and Sandra M. Shoup to Megan Elizabeth Magaha, Thomas Magaha and Alice Magaha, Keystone Estates, 167 Leslie Lane, Berryville, $429,000.

• Home Sale Solutions LLC to Beau D. Lescarbeau and Catherin Lescarbeau, 210 Kinsky Lane, Berryville, 6.3 acres, $503,000.

• Allen T. Beasley and Sharon Gail Beasley to Ronald Turley and JoElen Turley, Raven Rock Estates, 82 Harmony Lane, Bluemont, $610,000.

• Daniela Alina Lumina Cowsill to Timothy P. Sullivan, Blue Ridge Estates, 300 Spring House Lane, Berryville, $500,000.

• Christopher J. Goodchild and Kristina R. Wallace-Goodchild to Michael Alan Siefert and Mekayla Joy Siefert, Meadow View, 328 Hopkins Drive, Boyce, $375,000.

• Barbara Ann Large, Brian Charles Large and Barbara L. Brodbeck to Shawn M. Beal and Camila G. Beal, Sovereign Glen, 8 Turner Court, Berryville, $415,000.

• Carolyn Lee Merkle to Todd Stone, Summit Point Road, Berryville, 40.3 acres, $300,000.

• Terrell W. Davis to Francis Armand Erpe and Josephine S. Erpe, Roseville Downs, 120 Roseville Court, Boyce, $400,000.

• Community of Cistercians of the Strict Observance Inc. to Paul A. English, 1732 Castleman Road, Berryville, $260,000.

• Ray Edward Raines Jr. to Ronald Willis Arnold, 710 Russell Road, Berryville, 7 acres, $300,000.

• Michael J. Nally and Tina M. Nally to Kurt J. Chastain and Tammy L. Chastain, 129 Providence Lane, Bluemont, 23.4 acres, $562,010.

• Julian Clark Hansbarger and Virginia Graham Reuling to Lisa M. Wissmath, 3905 Shepherds Mill Road, Berryville, $450,000.

• Joel S. Wilkins and Shan K. Wilkins to Phillip R. Jaworski, 59 Chestnut Lane, Berryville, $420,000.

• Clare R. Sokolsky to Eleanor Ann McMillen, 933 Berrys Ferry Road, White Post, $300,000.

• Sarah E. Royse and Keith Martin Horn, devisees of the estate of Robert H. Horn, to Jacob B. Backover and Johanna E. Backover, 433 Cather Road, Berryville, $430,000.

• Elizabeth H. Fath to William Brett Weare and Carol S. Weare, 56 Valley Springs Lane, Bluemont, 11.1 acres, $417,500.

• Thomas Edward Caldwell, successor trustee of the Robert Davis Caldwell and Marjorie Adalene Caldwell Living Trusts, to Michael Danjczek and Charity Danjczek, 2676 Old Charles Town Road, Berryville, 8 acres, $425,000.

• Jason E. Kline to Rachael M. Livermore, 43 S. Greenway Ave., Boyce, $223,000.

• Shenandoah River Lane LLC to Robert James Chevez II and Kimberly Ann Chevez, 805 Shenandoah River Lane, Front Royal, $258,375.

• Equity Trust Co., Custodian FBO Victoria S. Walker IRA, to Janice C. Badal, 122 S. Church St., Berryville, $457,500.

• Grace E. Ritzenberg and Charles Wakeley to River Valley LLC, 3531 Harry Byrd Highway, Berryville, 104.1 acres, $735,000.

• Carrie Leigh Weber to Laura Leonard and Casey Leonard, Shenandoah Farms, 6799 Howellsville Road, Boyce, $333,500.

• Darlene C. Franklin to Matt Wherry and April Wherry, Gun Barrel Lane Estates, 2327 Gun Barrel Road, White Post, 19.9 acres, $721,000.

• Robert L. Kushner and Kelly C. Kushner to Thomas Nelson and Katelyn Hickey, 345 Ebenezer Road, Bluemont, $450,000.

• Heidi A. Wylegala to Brendan Jones and Dolly Jones, New Market subdivision, 1713 Old Chapel Road, Boyce, $371,000.

• Karen L. Dellett, sole trustee of the Herman B. Lloyd Trust and Alice L. Lloyd Trust, to Transfer Wares LLC, 8 Lloyds Lane, Berryville, $293,171.47.

• Robert A. Eaton to Tyler Grad and Katherine Funk, Shenandoah Farms, 600 Manor Road, Front Royal, $320,000.

• Walter F. Morton Jr. and Dawning G. Morton to Gary Torrance, 121 S. Buckmarsh St., Berryville, $485,000.

• Benjamin M. Curtis and Anna R. Curtis to Catherine Dolby and Anna Elyse Frazier, 203 N. Church St., Berryville, $260,000.

Building permits over $50,000

• Megan and Norman Ashby Jr., 592 Carters Line Road, White Post, garage, $52,490.

• Mount Hebron LLC, 443 Possum Hollow Lane, Berryville, single-family dwelling, $98,456.

• D.R. Horton Inc., two single-family dwellings in Berryville, 408 Weeks Court, $206,116; 31 E. Fairfax St., $184,830.

• Travis Orndorff, 647 Kimble Road, Berryville, single-family dwelling, $302,479.

• Roger and Jessica Friedman, 19506 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, Bluemont, single-family dwelling, $405,598.

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THANK YOU for posting all these real estate transfers for Winchester, Frederick & Clark counties. It is important to know how values of properties are being indicated.

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