The following information is from Clarke County Circuit Court from Jan. 1 to Feb. 16:

Real estate over $200,000

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Jia Xue and Xiaoqiang Hu, Fellowship Square, 17 E. Fairfax St., Berryville, $360,990.

• Martha Hall Carper, devisee of the estate of Fritzie Conley Carper, to Kenneth E. Kempson and Catharine Mackay-Smith Kempson, 150 Meadows Lane, White Post, $355,000.

• Theodore R. Lowery and Katherine C. Lowery to Katherine C. Lowery, Raven Rocks Estates, 55 Harmony Lane, Bluemont, $591,300.

• Demetris Voudouris and Heidi Meinzer, trustees of Venture 4 LLC, to Valley Ventures Fund 5 LLC, 635 E. Main St., Berryville, $480,000.

• Mount Hebron LLC to Daniel E. Pollak and Dena E. Pollak, 375 Possum Hollow Lane, Berryville, $230,000.

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Robert Emmett McKew Jr., Fellowship Square, 21 E. Fairfax St., Berryville, $355,990.

• Joshua H. Burgess to Conner Blaine Heuer, 434 Pine Grove Road, Bluemont, $325,000.

• Dale V. Halvorsen and Cheryl L. Halvorsen to Andrea L. Elrod, 23 Ratcliffe Lane, Bluemont, $641,400.

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Taylor Tessa Murphy, Fellowship Square, 25 E. Fairfax St., Berryville, $372,990.

• Paul W. Waldo III and Laura Ann Waldo to Stephen Eric Hengen and Linda Valis, 20769 Blueridge Mountain Road, Paris, 20.9 acres, $940,000.

• Grace V. Sheets and Connie J. Barrett, trustees of the Marry M. Sheets Trust, to Yury Yessy Inturias Gamarra and Carla K. Sahagun Daza, 215 Sheets Lane, Boyce, $405,000.

• Courtney Allen and Shannon Allen to Ryan P. Michels and Joshua Bland, 327 W. Main St., Berryville, $335,000.

• David Reese and Brenda Reese to Christopher Thornton and Denise Thornton, 2575 Frogtown Road, Bluemont, 5.4 acres, $649,000.

• Kristina M. Johnson and Brent M. Johnson to Karin J. Mercendetti, 246 Evergreen Lane, Bluemont, $400,000.

• Shannon C. Dulaney and Stephanie W. Dulaney to Mark Edward Thomas and Rebecca Murrell Thomas, 231 Childrens Lane, Berryville, $556,600.

• Eric M. Maggard and Melanie L. Maggard to Justin J. Madaj, Shenandoah Retreat, 501 Hemlock Lane, Bluemont, $291,000.

• David D. Bruner to Jonathan A. Stauffer and Priscilla B. Stauffer, 3450 Shepherds Mill Road, Berryville, $280,000.

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Daniel David Cooper and Radhamilka Mateo, Fellowship Square, 401 Weeks Court, Berryville, $351,490.

• Home Sale Solutions LLC to Joshua Burgess, Toy Hill, 4041 Ebenezer Road, Bluemont, $479,900.

• John A. Heard Jr., Catherine Heard Holland, Alice Heard Halvorsen and Sarah Heard to Carolina Bove, Crown Estate, 409 Walnut St., Berryville, $315,000.

• Margaret A. Quarto to Steven W. Bishop and Amanda Leahy, Treadwell, 16 Bel Voi Drive, Berryville, $320,400.

• Christopher Darlington and Carlos Lopez to Zachary James Onders and Elizabeth Rita Balcerzak, 10006 Lord Fairfax Highway, Boyce, $384,999.

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Jennifer D. Egen, Fellowship Square, 417 Weeks Court, Berryville, $353,990.

• Cheryl Anne Ash and Duane Collins Barb, heirs at law of Margarette J. Barb, to Robert D. Kuhn and Alix D. Kuhn, 2549 Senseny Road, Berryville, $458,000.

• Dawn Gray to Pedro M. Rodriguez and Sara Rodriguez, Roseville Downs, 34 S. Greenway Ave., Boyce, $435,000.

• Boom Road LLC to Camino 340 LLC, 16 Crow St., Berryville, $900,000.

• Amelia Denise Bailey, executor of the estate of Frank S. Pierson Jr., to Amelia Denise Bailey, 182 Worthington Lane, Bluemont, 137 acres, $472,500.

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Benjamin Edward Franks and Cherie Franks, Fellowship Square, 409 Weeks Court, Berryville, $347,990.

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Johnnie McLean Baker and Patricia Ann Baker, Fellowship Square, 405 Weeks Court, Berryville, $340,490.

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Jordan Edward Paul Smith, Fellowship Square, 9 E. Fairfax St., Berryville, $366,990.

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Carmen R. Cuellar-Guzman and Carlos Padilla-Quiroz, Fellowship Square, 408 Weeks Court, Berryville, $354,490.

• Luke T. Wence and Christina M. Wence to Adam Goldman, Paris Heights, 21894 Blue Ridge Mountain Road, Paris, $530,000.

• Margie B. Theis to Austin Lee Kuhn and Alicia Kalafut, Shenandoah Farms, 490 Anamaria Lane, Front Royal, $440,000.

• Nancy Mumm to Travis A. Hyde and Shelley D. Hyde, Providence Chapel Farm, 344 Providence Lane, Bluemont, 39 acres, $1,030,000.

• D.R. Horton Inc. to Erin Donovan and Brandon Craft, Fellowship Square, 412 Weeks Court, Berryville, $357,490.

• Nicole Wise Williams, trustee of the Frederick Howard Wise Jr. and Joyce Holden Wise trusts, to Equity Trust Co. custodian FBO Joseph Gal 401K, 360 Crums Church Road, Berryville, $255,000.

• Peter S. Grasso and Debra Mei Grasso to Jonathan Leonard Casper and Adrian Lynn Casper, 75 Lewis Williams Lane, Berryville, $735,999.

• Elizabeth A. Lewis to New Moon Construction LLC, 773 Old Winchester Road, Boyce, 15.4 acres, $420,000.

• Richard Gorman and Annemarie Gorman to Jennifer Michelle Jacob and David Ben Israel, Upton Farm Estates, 87 Beydler Lane, Berryville, $689,000.

Building permits over $50,000

• Mark Melius, 1373 Wrights Mill Road, Berryville, single-family dwelling, $405,583.

• Shannon Dulaney and Stephanie Warfield, 425 Annfield Road, Berryville, single-family dwelling, $441,598.

• D.R. Horton Inc., Fellowship Square, five single-family dwellings, Berryville, 408 and 401 Weeks Court, $206,116 each; 405 Weeks Court, $184,830; 412 and 417 Weeks Court, $232,711 each.

• Travis Orndorff, 647 Kimble Road, Berryville, single-family dwelling, $302,479.

• Tara Hass and Patrick Harrison, 9 Gordons Ridge Lane, Berryville, remodeling, $225,300.

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