The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from July 30-Aug. 5:

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Tara A. Coughlan to Patrick M. Callahan, 7907 Main St., Middletown, $242,500.

• Jimmy Perina to Emily Ann Broyles, 689 Marlboro Road, Stephens City, $285,400.

• Richard G. Rounseville and Jacqueline S. Rounseville to Derek R. Kaczmarzewski and Cassie R. Kaczmarzewski, 112 Forest Ridge Road, Stonebrook Farms, $350,000.

• Terral Goode and Sonia Marfatia Goode to Shane A. Cannon, 118 Anne Margaret Drive, Granville Estates, $540,000.

Gainesboro District

• Justin Andrick to Robert A. Espinar and Julie Fowler Espinar, 320 Overlook Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $210,000.

• Federal National Mortgage Association to Jennifer Driscoll, 304 Lakeview Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $234,000.

• Michael L. Taylor and Ebby A. Taylor to LaToya Davis, 113 Colonial Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $290,000.

• Yevgeniy Medovar and Larisa Medovar to John Sorna, 112 Country Club Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $290,000.

• Cecilia Jean Fagga, successor trustee of the Clarke Trust, to Russell W. Fitzgerald and Robbie L. Fitzgerald, 102 Sunset Circle, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $329,900.

• Michael J. Stepniak and Anne E. Schempp to Ryan Todd and Jacqueline Morrison-Nozik, 122 Lake Holiday Road, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday, $445,000.

• Christopher J. McLaughlin to Alexus C. Butler and Donald W. Butler III, 141 Liza Kates Lane, Joshua’s Mountain, $479,000.

Opequon District

• VSS Development LLC to NVR Inc., Decatur Circle, Lots 49-51, Stephens City, Mountain Valley Estates, $217,500.

• NVR Inc. to Aaron Peter Michael Jagow and Georgeanna Nicole Kelley Jagow, 103 Twinleaf Way, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $274,990.

• Janice Reeves to Cindy Louise Gregg, 222 Lynn Drive, Stephens City, Autumn Glen, $284,000.

• Travis Dale Johnson and Jennifer Renae Johnson to Lora Jarrell and Chris Jarrell , 104 Carroll Drive, Stephens City, Fredericktowne Estates, $285,000.

• Zachary P. Wright and Bailey C. Wright to Janice Reeves, 107 Sarvis Court, Stephens City, Autumn Glen, $316,500.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Thomas Morgan Pryor and Victoria Gayle Pryor, 126 Nathan Drive, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $333,394.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Scott Christopher Puschell and Rebecca Naylor Puschell, 121 Nathan Drive, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $349,830.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to David Bryan Hess and Brenda Lee Hess, 209 Bridgewater Drive, Stephens City, Old Dominion Greens, $350,839.

• Sean A. Everhart and Laine S. Everhart to Bryan K. Garrett and Sue E. Garrett, 104 Appomattox Drive, Stephens City, Fredericktowne Estates, $353,000.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Christopher Andrew Williams and Jamie Alisha Foster-Williams, 129 Nathan Drive, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $371,122.

• Shea Homes LP to Eileen Bienvenu Watson and Charles Bruce Watson, 111 Mallard Drive, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $414,990.

• James Michael Owens II and Jennifer Joyner Owens to Zachary Daniel Tonovitz and Amy Marie Tonovitz, 109 Paris Court, Stephens City, Old Dominion Greens, $425,000.

• MREC Shenandoah VA LLC to NVR Inc., Bayhill Terrace, Lots 64-70, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $426,324.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Michael B. Bluey and Karen J. Kennedy, 131 Brandenbury Court, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $448,998.

• Douglas Scott Moyer and Carolyn Hamilton Moyer to James E. Thomson and Jean M. Thomson, 124 Harvest Drive, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $495,000.

• Shea Homes LP to David Wayne Orndorff and Elizabeth Settle Orndorff, 125 Walleye Court, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $614,742.

• Shea Homes LP to Barbara Versage, 124 Walleye Court, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $666,848.

• Shea Homes LP to Edward A. Serine and Donna J. Serine, 108 Walleye Court, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $673,208.

• MREC Shenandoah VA LLC to Shea Homes LP, Lots 8-11, 25-28, 35-38 and 47-62, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $2,460,882.

Red Bud District

• Ana M. Sorto Rosales to Edy Antulio Pojoy Guzman, 127 Obriens Circle, Shenandoah Hill, $264,000.

• Claude V. Dickerson to Herminio Torres Jr. and Bertha C. Torres, 113 Everette Place, Carlisle Heights, $270,000.

• Tammy L. Brant to Kathryn Oates, 110 Kingsley Drive, Fieldstone, $282,000.

• Miriam Guerrero, Beatriz Marquez and Jaime Marquez to Daniel Ryan Anderson and Sarahi Yanivis Anderson, 173 Mason St., Lockhart, $290,000.

• Stacey D. Matthews to Antulio T. Juarez Herrera, 2280 Senseny Road, Burning Knolls, $300,001.

• Ann McCall Tate to Trent Bolish and Julie Kimmick, 108 Foxglove Drive, Winchester, Briarwood Estates, $319,900.

• Christopher A. Petsko to Glenn Rickman and Whipple Rickman, 116 Old Wagon Road, Pioneer Heights, $324,000.

• Matthew R. Raines and Kayla Noel Raines to Marie Greer and Donna Cheryl Greer, 313 Asbury Road, Pioneer Heights, $369,500.

• Nihal B. Perera to Virgil Ashley Griffin and Kimberly A. Griffin, 408 Canyon Road, Twin Lakes Overlook, $390,000.

• Christopher R. Champagne and Lauren M. Champagne to Ronald Stephen Lyons and Carol Richards Lyons, 221 Rebecca Drive, Fieldstone, $395,000.

• Edward Lee Fuller and Joyce Carol Fuller to Gregory M. Stout and Yumi Stout, 100 Tilford Drive, Sovereign Village, $415,000.

Shawnee District

• Ashley R. Willingham to Samuel J. Stewart, 110 Meadowlark Court, Greenwood Heights, $210,000.

• Craig P. O’Connor and Emily S. O’Connor to John C. Dever IV and Amber M. Dever, 306 Chinkapin Drive, Stephens City, Village at Lakeside, $225,000.

• Joshua J. Kern to Elizabeth A. Meyer, 313 Berwick Lane, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $230,000.

• Eleanor R. Joy to Jacquelyn Olcott and Martin G. Olcott, 476 Valley Mill Road, Brentwood Terrace, $247,000.

• Matthew L. Tackett and Emily R. Tackett to Winifred L. Marsh and Stephen R. Marsh, 205 Kintyre Lane, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $255,000.

• Earl W. Foreman and Diane M. Foreman to Jay W. Foreman and Angela D. Foreman, 112 Mulberry Circle, Stephens City, Lakeside Estates, $345,000.

• John Holloway to Charles Arthur Fechter and Ramona Rae Fechter, 115 Lariat Court, Stephens City, Canter Estates, $355,000.

• Wakeland Manor Inc. to John T. Maphis and Marjorie L. Maphis, 302 Craig Drive, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $370,000.

• Fred Eutaw Helsley II and Lisa Michelle Helsley to Keith E. Klutz, 116 Hanoverian Court, Stephens City, Canter Estates, $385,000.

• Charles A. Dotson and Louann Dotson to Michael D. Bloodsaw, 112 Callaway Court, Stephens City, Canter Estates, $425,000.

• David R. Oates and Kathryn C. Oates to Susan Kathryn Wilson-Griner and Robert Michael Griner, 101 Dewberry Drive, Oakdale Crossing II, $429,000.

• Gary P. Torrance and Deborah P. Torrance to Felton J. Rodgers and Maiko Broadhead Rodgers, 101 Maitland Court, Raven Pointe, $485,000.

• Clyde L. McCorkle and Laneta McCorkle to David E. Bartlow and Kathleen Bartlow, 121 Cahille Drive, Raven Pointe, $529,000.

• Glaize Developments Inc. to Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc., Inverlee Way, about 42 acres, Raven Pointe, $6,000,000.

Stonewall District

• Robert Owens and Julie L. Owens to Christopher M. Lemley and Linda Kay Lemley, 124 Rocky Ford Road, Clear Brook, $215,000.

• Harry Rhodes to Courtney A. Brown, 336 Sage Circle, Regents Crest, $232,000.

• Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC to Kimberly Sue Dickinson, 206 Crofton Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $262,265.

• John L. Bowling and Judy A. Bowling to Juanita Powers, 676 Welltown Road, $269,000.

• Diane Elaine Perry to Sylvia Schwarz and Miguel Sanchez, 212 Fiesta Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $270,000.

• Teresa Duvall Ritenour to Matthew W. Steedly and Heidy Y. Steedly, 101 Gristmill Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $277,900.

• Temeasha Michole Scott to Stacey Mullins, 171 Brasstown Loop, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $295,000.

• Robert G. Boyer to Kathleen D. Brennan, 105 Fiesta Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $317,000.

• Frederick Land Co. LC to O-N Minerals (Chemstone) Co. d/b/a Carmeuse Lime & Stone Inc., 8.5 acres, Tatanka Lane, Stephenson, $341,828.

• NVR Inc. to Fatih S. Altekin and Mutlu Altekin, 227 Patriot St., Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $381,620.

• Jason A. Blosser and Raymond S. Savage Jr. to Jhonny Alberto Suarez Diaz and Maxine Lea Suarez, 100 Manila Place, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $385,000.

• Scott K. Brooks and Erika D. Brooks to Milton L. Aquila and April C. Aquila, 225 Mackenzie Lane, Stephenson, Red Bud Run, $408,000.

• Peter A. Shoemaker and Leslie K. Shoemaker to Patrick E. Souza and Cindy Marie Souza, 106 Buccaneer Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $415,000.

• NVR Inc. to Ryan Crider and Diana Aylese Crider, 167 Norland Knoll Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $418,156.

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