The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from July 10-17:

Marriage licenses

• Jeremy Matthew Spate, 29, of Woodbridge, and Christine Maria Viverito, 27, of Woodbridge.

• Robert Allen Lindvig, 40, of Inwood, W.Va., and Tammy Lynn Bauserman, 27, of Winchester.

• Steven Patrick Mather, 36, of Stephenson, and Courtni Cierra Green, 25, of Stephenson.

• Rupinder Singh Flora, 29, of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and Amarjot Kaur, 29, of Woodbridge.

• Dustin Thomas Snead, 31, of Williamsport, Md., and Theresa Diane Wever, 45, of Winchester.

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Spence Ventures LLC to Pamela J. Panzino, 213 Winchester Drive, Wilde Acres, $210,000.

• William Michael Murphy to James Philip Rice and Mary Catherine Elizabeth Rice, 1365 Mountain Falls Road, 44.3 acres, $219,000.

• Jennifer Larrick to Zakkery Snider and Ashley Lester, 115 Cornstalk Trail, Shawneeland, $235,000.

• Flint Ridge LLC to Ernest H. Blankenship and Mary E. Blankenship, 447 Plow Run Lane, Flint Ridge, $388,000.

• Blaine A. Wilson to Carla D. Rogers and Kevin J. O’Brien, 195 Chimney Circle, Middletown, Chimney Hill Estates, $435,000.

• Pamela R. Harmon to Michael Lee Strawderman and Kristi Ann Strawderman, 368 McDonald Road, 124.1 acres, $475,000.

Gainesboro District

• Robert J. Skinner and Gloria L. Skinner to Leonard Clay Ellis IV, 448 Whispering Knolls, Whispering Knolls, $465,000.

Opequon District

• Douglas R. Loy and Margaret T. Loy to Douglas R. Loy II and Sabrina L. Miller, 107 Bluebird Drive, Stephens City, Greenbriar Village, $210,000.

• John D. Zehrvogt and Darcy J. Zehrvogt to John A. Summereau and Stacey M. Summereau, 103 Slippery Elm Drive, Stephens City, Frederick Woods, $260,000.

• The Village at Middletown LC to NVR Inc., Lots 5, 6, 7 and 12, Middletown, The Village at Middletown, $269,000.

• Andrew S. Dunn and Crystal L. Dunn to Michael S. Mount Jr., 151 Dollie Mae Lane, Stephens City, Meadows Edge, $295,000.

• James Walter Briscoe Jr. and Catherine Margaret Briscoe to George Clarence Black Sr. and Mary Catherine Black, 132 Dollie Mae Lane, Stephens City, Meadows Edge, $350,000.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Nicholas Allen Kerns and Breesa Leeann Hagerman Capel-Kerns, 139 Westchester Drive, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $358,962.

• NVR Inc. to Bernard Leo Bland III and Jana Andrews Bland, 113 Fringetree Court, Lake Frederick, Shenandoah, $473,790.

• Shea Homes LP to David C. Zahra and Patricia A. Zahra, 155 Song Sparrow Drive, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $581,591.

• Shea Homes LP to Robert Bruce Watson and Joyce E. Watson, 113 Witherod Court, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $598,300.

Red Bud District

• Daniel K. McClain and Mary M. McClaon to Dennis C. Fiddler and others, 204 Crest Circle, Heritage Hills, $269,000.

• Michael Natoli to Kay S. Cardinell, 105 Tucks Circle, Pioneer Heights, $288,000.

• Leonard Clay Ellis IV to Edwin E. Romero Gamez and Petrona E. Gamez, 105 Alpine Meadow Road, Apple Ridge, $290,000.

• Janice F. Dodson to Paulette Lupino, 109 Asbury Road, Asbury Terrace, $320,000.

• Gary D. Paulson and Donna M. Paulson to Jesse Walter Capps and Melinda Brooke Solomon, 109 Asbury Court, Asbury Terrace, $320,000.

• John M. Stuart and Larue Stuart to Matthew Carl Sherman and Sondra Gibb Sherman, 111 Harold Court, Abrams Pointe, $390,000.

• Bruce D. Truman and Vanette M. Truman to Casey W. Dawley and Rebecca L. Dawley, 122 Julasar Drive, Sovereign Village, $409,000.

Shawnee District

• Charles L. Seamon and Dinah S. Seamon to Timothy W. Yates Jr., 118 Summer Lake Drive, Stephens City, The Village at Lakeside, $213,000.

• Dan Ryan Builders Mid-Atlantic LLC to Delmar Jay Martin and Sarah Hartman Martin, 209 Schramm Loop, Stephens City, Townes at Tasker, $228,721.

• Alexa R. Battani to Elizabeth De Lapas Carranza and Mercedes Del Carmen Reymundo, 221 Killdeer Road, Stephens City, Greenbriar Village, $239,000.

• Richard W. Smith and Lisa Smith to Daniel G. Zick and Rachel A. Zick, 115 Vincent Drive, Stephens City, Wakeland Manor, $418,000.

Stonewall District

• Joyce M. Hamman to Valentin Santamaria and Marta Julia Caceres De Santamaria, 118 Nature Drive, Stephens City, Shawnee Village, $246,000.

• Larry James Quandahl and Kathy Sue Quandahl to Michaella Hoffman, 105 Dresden Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $282,500.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Stremata LLC, 228 Patchwork Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $290,000.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Stephane Francois Larcade, 115 Patchwork Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $377,545.

• Lee A. Visone and Jamison L. Visone to Christopher R. Malone and Stephanie J. Malone, 125 Rooftop Court, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $429,900.

June building permits over $50,000

Back Creek District

• Howard J. Ross, 504 Ogden Lane, Middletown, addition, $375,000.

• H.P. Hood Inc., 160 Hood Way, re-roofing, $1,081,781.

• Mountain Vista LLC, 131 Pomme Circle, Stephens City, Hites View Estates, single-family dwelling, $300,000.

• Trevor J. Strosnider, 240 Brill Road, Star Tannery, single-family dwelling, $238,500.

• Nixon Run Construction LLC, 118 Red Fox Trail, Shawneeland, single-family dwelling, $75,000.

• Peter M. Pitcock, 524 Crow Drive, Wilde Acres, single-family dwelling, $190,000.

• Robert Benjamin Weber, 241 Gravenstein Court, Kernstown, Stonymeade, single-family dwelling, $450,000.

• Paul L. Wilson, 236 Demas Trail, Midland Heights, single-family dwelling, $200,000.

Gainesboro District

• Armin L. Wessel, 562 Lake Serene Drive, Lake Serene, garage, $100,000.

• Punett D.S. Rikhy, 272 Peeper Lane, Frog Hollow Estates, addition, $86,000.

• Tonia Schnarr, 1460 Stony Hill Road, deck, $89,000.

• Spence Ventures LLC, Ridgeview Road, Cross Junction, Laid Back Estates, single-family dwelling, $247,000.

• J. Andrew Simmons, 2619 Apple Pie Ridge Road, remodeling, $450,000.

• Elizabeth Page Phillips Dekker, 199 Lake Saint Clair Drive, remodeling, $100,000.

Opequon District

• Christopher G. Lewis, 158 Riding Chapel Road, Stephens City, single-family dwelling, $250,000.

• Shea Homes LP, seven single-family dwellings, Shenandoah, 154 Song Sparrow Drive, $325,000; 152 Song Sparrow Drive, $250,000; 142 and 153 Song Sparrow Drive, each $300,000; 117 Witherod Court, $325,000; 119 Witherod Court, $350,000; 111 Barred Owl Way, $300,000.

• MREC Shenandoah VA LLC, 10 single-family dwellings, Shenandoah, 105, 107, 108, 112 and 115 Fringetree Court, each $200,000; 136 and 138 Mallard Drive, $250,000 each; 100 Barred Owl Way, $300,000; 146 and 151 Emperor Drive, $200,000 each.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc., two single-family dwellings, Southern Hills, Stephens City, 116 Savannah Way, $125,000; 126 Savannah Way, $150,000.

• Frederick County Sanitation, 1877 Fairfax Pike, Winchester, tank, $1,750,000.

• Joshua L. Sager, 115 Westchester Drive, Stephens City, Southern Hills, pool, $60,000.

• Starbucks, 131 Town Run Lane, Stephens City, remodeling, $150,000.

Shawnee District

• Navy Federal Credit Union, 190 Security Drive, Winchester, new building, $430,000.

• H&H Builders Inc., two single-family dwellings, Quail Hill Estates, 360 and 400 Covey Lane, Winchester, $250,000 each.

• Wright Renovations Inc., six single-family dwellings, Memorial Heights, 1225 Front Royal Pike, $133,000; Freedom Manor, Lot 78, $351,169; Lot 79, $390,380; Lot 80, $352,112; Lot 81, $344,290; Lot 82, $364,147.

• Joseph Mohr Construction Co., Inc., 251 Covey Lane, Winchester, Quail Hill Estates, single-family dwelling, $350,000.

Stonewall District

• Winchester Cold Storage LC, 188 Brooke Road, Winchester, Fort Collier Industrial Center, racks, $800,000.

• Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC, nine townhouses, Snowden Bridge, Stephenson, 200 and 210 Parkland Drive, $155,000 each; 202 Parkland Drive, $136,000; 204 Parkland Drive, $119,000; 206 Parkland Drive, $139,000; 212 Parkland Drive, $140,000; 214 Parkland Drive, $143,000; 216 Parkland Drive, $116,000; 218 Parkland Drive, $160,000.

• Brookfield Stephenson Village LLC, six single-family dwellings, Snowden Bridge, Stephenson, 201 and 219 Parkland Drive, $200,000 each; 207 and 218 Patriot St., $200,000 each; 138 Patchwork Drive, $162,000; 109 Coronation Court, $158,000.

• Fort Collier Group LC, 411 Brooke Road, Winchester, Fort Collier Industrial Center, remodeling, $104,300.

• C.S. Jennings Construction Inc., 1811 Brucetown Road, Clear Brook, Turkey Run, single-family dwelling, $240,000.

• Barbara Jean Dennis, 122 Christo Rey Drive, Clear Brook, single-family dwelling, $165,000.

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